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  • Sacred 3 - Seraphim Professional Roles Play Experiences
    Time: Feb. 14, 2016 From: SCDKey
    SCDKey.com believes that players who bought Sacred 3 Steam CD-Key game experience will find the time Seraphim occupational skills started relatively small, a glowing ball, and the wind fanned wings to fly, there is a dodge. But never mind, there are these two skills enough, had been waiting for the story to learn advanced skills, SCDKey.com wasteland idea is high mobility, high-injury assassin fight DPS.

    Gameplay: When the main lifting both Word and sky, with dodge (can not enhanced) to strengthen executions, weapons atonement, Yom strengthen the second slot after the 100% crit accompanied by female demon (enemy attack each sec 50% attack chain damage, coupled with flat cut hit the boss F Word displacement hide skills, no mobs dodge space or sky displacement, playing ornate cupola can cut a few more to hide. Another said next, SCDKey.com the main weapon is with sin, strengthen upper line, 100% probability of a ball of energy, this play requires energy to maintain circulation, but replaced other weapons, feel they do not encounter the open altar with an energy not lack energy, in case of this has also opened the door to accelerate.

    Lv.21 got a make SCDKey.com encountered angels turn develop T - vampire. Just learning the block that does not meet SCDKey.com play, loss of mobility, simply glanced skills enhancement, to get the vampire later, try and assassins stream (mentioned earlier pioneers play) combination found not ideal, because the flat cut is not much opportunity, more inclined to tear down the executions, flat and easy to cut the fire was set, especially in face of the sleeve and carrying shields strange.

    When Lv.22 trying to put on the block (to strengthen the anti-injury) with vampires, weapons castle guard (enhanced range increases), with trial skills (broken shield) and divine aura (a 30% CD), to test the again, there are wood bunker, two tanks (will be transferred on the ground and furious that strange, a bit like JS) and a group of strange around me, SCDKey.com remote kill strange flat cut, this time open the tank Galen trial mode switch over, I block, this time, let SCDKey.com surprise is their own blood is fast response, direct full! This powerful ability to recover! Simply T! Try put back to put the output of skill or break (down) skills, weapons and skills enhancement is completed is likely to be a powerful output side T side career!

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