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  • Football Manager 2016 Bayern Passing Control Tactics Experience
    Time: Feb. 5, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Football Manager 2016 has a lot of players Bayern fans, the melon formula Bayern transmission flow control is a lot of players who bought Football Manager 2016 Steam CD-Key after the experience very much like the tactics of the game, then the specific line-up is what kind of tactics array how it has shaped arrangement?

    As Bayern fans, three days taking the time to study how to restore a high degree of re-edition of the season Bayern tactics. In the third season after Bayern Guardiola took over, we can clearly see the team after lengthy adaptation and adjustments, are quietly completed a qualitative change. League start to take high 9-game winning streak, with the massacre of the way to win the title rivals Borussia Dortmund and Wolfsburg, Lectra Leverkusen, Arsenal 5 to 1 to complete the war of revenge. You can clearly feel the criticism around reducing, including some of the players we evaluated are slowly changing tone.

    The most intuitive change is rarely say Tiago Guardiola pro son, SCDKey.com especially admire this man, first I and everyone else is not optimistic about him, but this season is really Tiago strength to win the respect of everyone. The just-concluded friendship game, Tiago unfortunate injury again, the present situation we can see in the eyes, the sound of a caring and regret it. Yes, he spent the formative years of the run-in period and Tiago, is beginning to show the world his brilliant luster.

    With respect to the previous two years in the run-in period Bayern, this year the system is gradually forming Bayern has a clear change. Introducing Douglas Costa and comin, making the team on the pitch width becomes more use to do anything. Two wings increased the frequency of personal breakthrough and crosses, but also more choice after cutting inside the penalty area to the number of direct threats to pass the ball so that wing attack were a resounding success. Muller and Levante Guardiola seems to have begun to adapt fully binding edge, play pass switching position, became the team's main output.

    Midfielder Tiago commanders and Alonso no longer rely solely on the pursuit of short cross pass coming deliberate pursuit of field control, but the team were highly oppressive tactics such guaranteed under the premise of the ball, pay more attention to looking for fighters to complete the team came forward pass and long-paced instant speed, use sidewalks, speed and skill, Muller moves, Levante Guards take the ball and the ball ability, tear each other's defense. Vidal strong physique, the Bayern midfielder hardness raised a notch. Defensive end, Vidal and Boateng with, the use of physical advantage in the midfield, you can complete the outstanding tasks the first time high closing down, while in the backcourt for a wide range intercept raids, to provide a very playmaker strong protection, making the second half of last season against rivals after lumbar closing down fast-break tactics less effective. Backs most of the time in order to keep the attack on behalf of, point collusion by the center and the road ahead, the other side of the wing compression in the other half.

    Halfback position, Boateng has grown into the world's top higher on the ball defender, collusion short pass, long pass ability to initiate such that the presence of the team of quality control. On the one hand is the team's tactical execution in promotion, on the other hand Guardiola tactical level is growing, gradually understand the "Possession is not the same short pass" such a truth. Of course, this is the truth Guardiola practical action to show to fans around the world. Let us also understand inheritance, or a combination of restoration under the sides of the three-dimensional attack routine Van Gaal era, the team is still able to complete the absolute control of the ball, and the control of the ball so that sides in turn bound attack routine performed more frequently, more smooth.

    After repeatedly evaluation, this set of tactics finalized after successfully won the half-title, even SCDKey.com by surprise ... It seems this generation of engines on the Golden Globe Award has been more emphasis on players games played. Aspects of record, the league 16 wins and a draw in the Champions League qualifying first name, 4 wins, 2 bad idea one defeat. As to why only half of the season evaluation, because also repeatedly several times to open the file regulatory tactics, which can be considered the optimal solution SCDKey.com original tactics...

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