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  • SCDKey.com Detailed Evaluation Borderlands 2
    Time: Feb. 4, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Gearbox have been using a new content-rich world of Borderlands 2, the latest piece of information "Marcus mercenaries Day major combat" is an example. However, although this piece of information is more humor than the previous two Headhunter piece of information, but it is still difficult to let players just for this short piece of information and return. Very interesting piece of information, but just to make you feel good show is about to begin, the game has ended.

    Interesting day mercenary introduction let SCDKey.com feel very childlike. When Marcus store opens magical wardrobe, SCDKey.com looking forward to seeing fast travel point where it will lead me to go, but in the end confused me to the Gingerton. Snowy pine trees and snowy mountains gave here to bring a festive atmosphere. Gingerton feel very different with Pandora, which is very suitable for the theme of this piece of information. The rhythm of the story is also a perfect fit with the atmosphere, humor and a variety of game-related knowledge is very easy to go beyond the first two piece of information. Marcus brings a lot of personality humorous moments. Although I always knew humorous moment coming, but these humorous handling too perfect, every time I still laugh out loud.

    Like the other two pieces of information, like the date for the sake of mercenaries and did not join the insurance really change the game content. In complete data sheet for 30 minutes, you have to look the same, but the game is not very interesting high snowman combat. They just straight rushing, you just a general property weapons fire can easily get rid of them. Their Boss, Tinder Snowflake has several interesting attacks, and Boss battle music also brings some fun to the game, but he is also too easy to beat. This does not mean the battle is very boring, but do not feel a sense of novelty and challenge. For this is the love of the series, players have been playing the game for a year, slightly disappointing.

    Another problem piece of information is actually the game's performance. On Xbox 360 and high-end PC, the game has a significant Caton. These Caton is also very strange, because there is no Caton these enemies will appear on the screen even. This may be related with the snow and wind effects, but these effects should not affect an already mature host. This question is relatively small impact gaming experience, but because the image aspect has not improved, so this is not a good sign. As in the past, mainly to attract new players to loot the exclusive role of the skin. Although it was not the new equipment, but can be taken into account in a very short period of time to complete this task, the main task in the final reward is very generous.

    Conclusion: mercenary day Headhunter series may be the best piece of information in one piece of information because it accurately captures the essence of the series. Game festive atmosphere makes me smile for half an hour, but the content of the piece of information is too small, no innovation is difficult to surprise the player. If you are still frequently play the game, then this piece of information is more suitable for you, but, in addition to arms and smile, do not expect too much.

    SCDKey.com Rating 7.3 points: mercenary day Headhunter series may be the best piece of information in one, as I think later Borderlands 2 Steam CD-Key players can experience the game to feel, but brief content and technical issues that it can not become a boutique.


    - Festival of Humor

    - There is a sense of festival

    - Fun and familiar game mechanics


    - Technical problem

    - Lack of challenge

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