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  • Soul Force Of Guild Wars 2 - The Legend Of the Legendary Force
    Time: Feb. 3, 2016 From: SCDKey
    The soul warrior is a legend from the mist of the ninth career, you can harvest and control the energy of the enemy caused great damage, but also to wake up the legend of the past to draw strength, in the battlefield to create chaos. Players to buy Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition CD-Key EU/NA can feel his charisma can attack and auxiliary, super cure and the forces of destruction in a body, angels and demons, only in the mind.

    They are used as melee weapons to the first giant hammer as a ranged weapon to use professional, but also the first staff career. The soul of the martial as such an unprecedented unique career, they fully reflect the Guild Wars 2 subversion characteristics. Mace (main hand), axe (deputy), single hand sword, a giant hammer, staff and other, basic only you can not think, no less than they do. Pouring the energy of the mist into the weapon of the wand, and mixing the use of martial arts and magic in two ways to support the allies. Will be accompanied by magic hammer throw out to attack the enemy, manufacturing a wide range of injuries, so as to achieve surprise unexpectedly combat effectiveness, both groups fighting or personal battle, let the become unable to discard bellipotent.

    Summon the Guild Wars 2 in the history of the past legend attached to the body, switch to a different legend posture to obtain different skills and style of operation, a key characteristic is the soul of Wu and other professional different, different legend posture respectively represent the his defense system, urinary symptoms, auxiliary lines and the physical damage skills, players at the same time can only carry two legend posture, a currently active, a to be activated. The current activation of the legendary gesture will change your right skills bar. Legendary assassins Shiro Tian Sheng with its own powerful output and motor ability and the character of the dark elements let him become a choice to physical damage, the legend of the power of the spirit warrior. Fissure chop, precision strike, unrelenting assault, fast, dazzling attack constructs the super assassin high output and high attack speed, high mobility and irreplaceable legendary charm.

    When you activate the legendary Centaur in attitude when only one tower of available skills. This skill will be able to call out the stone tablets. After this, you will have five of the skills of the legend and the control of the legend of the legend. The following is the stone tower when the call can be used after the skill:

    - Sage: "ideas to reach the target location with the idea of stone. When the tablet will move on the path of the allies for treatment." This is the core skill of the legendary stance, because other skills are related to the command of the tablet to perform a task. Stone can heal allies along the way, so the soul of the martial artist needs to cooperate with other players, so that each move to get the greatest gains.

    - Console screen: "call out a protective shield around the stone tablet, destroying enemy projectiles." The ability to create a natural energy barrier around the stone tablet. When the barrier is activated, it can destroy all the projectiles that come into contact with it. This is a continuous energy consuming skill, you can switch on or off the state, in the state of the opening of your energy will quickly consume. You can also move the stone tablets when the barrier is activated.

    Summon legendary devil and pitiless Malikesi, no similar dagger and the monument that visual effects. However, it has the skills, enabling grief, suffering absorption and the expulsion of the enchanting, can strong absorption or heal allies and negative symptoms, and in giving the enemy at the same time, remove the other buff, adjuvant therapy and increased resistance of Tiger Balm. The legendary dwarf Gareth is similar to the traditional hammer tanks. Forced restraint, pull hate to give the negative symptoms of deceleration. Stable and noble is to help allies to maximize the reduction of damage and negative symptoms. And revenge giant hammer is similar to the enchanted dagger assassin, but different, summoned by a giant hammer will in all around and the formation of a circle of offensive and defensive, offensive and defensive, is an indispensable defensive skills.

    Guild Wars 2 expansion continued after living world of the story, the jungle dragon mode Morse is awake, countless people died in his claws. All the races of Tyria, to unite against the dragon, to defend their homes. And Guild Wars 2 richest legendary hero in Turlock disappeared in the fog, finally took a new regression, these new forces of the warrior is the soul of martial.

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