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  • Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen Important Branch Of Analytical Drama
    Time: Feb. 1, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen story we all know what an important branch of it? SCDKey.com today for everyone to bring the Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen Drama important branch of analysis, including the princess task branches and other alternative branches and the final battle is very valuable content. Now SCDKey.com took a look at the players.

    First, several branches have been identified:

    1. Before sending the smugglers must go to save Kuina forest witch, or did not follow, witch basic task can not be completed, resulting in Kuina missing, witch can not open the second part of the forest, the witch protagonist will not go home, not in Tombstone Slate take place, we would not be able to get a wedding ring from the dragon's office know.

    2. After the former sent snakeheads saved Kuina, must go to the pub to see profiteers Xinshoucun Marilyn, otherwise no follow-up, leading to Marilyn perhaps not in the main city of the shop, can not be Marilyn task, she sells a small collection good shape female clothing.

    3. Female knight knights sparring and masks when the mask if you choose to help kill the knight, remember to use Dragon throbbing revive him, or did not follow-up, leading the Cavaliers will not surrender appear in the dungeon, collect a few special equipment knight This equipment does not know whether to give him random or fixed to the shield, the landlord only once, so do not know.

    4. Princess mandate issued by the maid, and after a tryst princess, duke sent after treasure, before playing the Red Dragon, to be followed by the princess imprisoned task, and if people want to marry her favorability is full, be sure to dry out palace before sending her wedding ring, or a dry story palace after the person disappears.

    5. Choose a few final battle, if the election withdrawal of such acts, after the animation will return to select retry option before, so do not worry about the wrong.

    Temporarily determine branch:

    1. World blackening, duke old, was killed protagonist, the protagonist jumped floor, was Zhuidu soldiers, escaped from the palace will not be able to enter. If you do not escape the palace is not able to return directly kill the duke? Trigger other story?

    2. Kuina's story last she left the convent, but since then can not find people, whether before leaving to take her wedding ring caught red dragon will be combined with the protagonist? Or have I never met follow? After seemingly disappearing female knight duel , and whether the same token ring or to send follow-up after players who want to buy Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen Steam CD Key to experience the game, more than their own to explore them.

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