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  • 8.3 Points: Metro Last Light - Humanity Trial
    Time: Jan. 29, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Metro Redux is Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light remake collection two works, and if you have a colleague who would like Anshao it as a subway gorgeous trilogy's final chapter, please accept the most sincere sympathy to the next . Metro 2033 was released in 2010, Metro: Last Light is available for sale in 2013. Compared with recent years, many near gravedigger gravedigger of reproduction, these two works have considered quite "fresh" the. Since we had not been alone for this work Reviews, Shao just take this opportunity to re-plate, based on two works re-review. Previously SCDKey.com Metro 2033 has completed the evaluation, the next step is rookie Metro: Last Light.

    Almost entirely in accordance with the original novel Metro 2033 different, Metro: Last Light is actually more like a rumor that the nature of work. According to the time line of view, this made the story takes place in between the two novels Metro 2033 and Metro 2034, on the continuation of the story before Artyom choose to eliminate missiles "Dark Ones" ending (novel Metro 2034 is for a protagonist, tells another story). But despite the threat from the outside has been temporarily died down, the metro internal dispute has further turmoil at this time, a possible subway will bring the destruction of the war about to break out again.

    Cause of this new war is another culprit legacy from the Old World: The Spartans discovered and control of clandestine laboratories D6. This is a deep underground, with independent operation capability secret military laboratory, which holds a large number of metro residents priceless for arms and ammunition, power generation facilities, water purification facilities and air purification equipment. Pregnant bi incrimination is size-fits-all reason, and if these valuable survival data are insufficient to allow various people to kill in the subway Dunqi, the lab then preserved in weapons-grade "Ebola virus "is definitely not let the door careerist bait.

    Metro: Last Light's story revolves around such D6 competition start, players need to purchase Metro: Last Light Redux Steam Cd-key to later experience it. The protagonist is still Artyom, a survivor in the final push before the down larval Dark Ones "little angel" in the story and Artyom counterparts, it is both Artyom himself at the end of the genocide Metro 20333 made salvation will players act as moral judge. Since the main character is the only one currently capable of communicating with the Dark Ones humans, what we do in the game will have to lay a foundation for the future exchange of two races. Yes, we have to force the game to save the entire metro, while in the human mind can be controlled, it may be about to replace the rule of the human race before the world to write a description of human morality.

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