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  • Experience The Real World War II Battlefield - Front Enemy
    Time: Jan. 27, 2016 From: SCDKey
    World War II masterpiece enemy front bounced two years superabundant, although the game is a development of earlier, configuration requirements is still a force to be reckoned with. According to the test to see GTX750Ti such a 800 yuan level graphics cards can run smoothly, the player can have a mental preparation.

    Enemy front is developed by the producer of PS2 famous shooter black in the job after a World War II shooter game, whereby the first person point of view in-depth exploration of the legend of a deep behind enemy lines of soldiers, a player buys the Enemy Front steam CD-key can experience to deep, dynamic state of combat missions, including espionage and sabotage. The story of Front Enemy spans several years, including many important events in history. Battlefield from France to Berlin, also including the Nazi secret arms factory.

    The Second World War in Europe as the stage, playing the role of American soldiers will be active in the United Kingdom, France, Norway and Poland and other countries on the battlefield. Single break the German front line, the depth of the enemy positions to complete the task, is a typical American hero class gorgeous FPS action game. May be because of the older engine, although the official recommendation of the quad core processor, but after the players started to find that even pentium dual core can go into battle, compared to the end of the performance gap is only 5% i7 only.

    Front Enemy uses the ENGINE CRY 3 game engine, if it is scheduled to be released two years ago, is certainly a hardware killer. But in later two years later, "is reduced to a lot of killer" status, but Enemy Front still should not be overlooked. In the real game process, it must be GTX750Ti such 800 yuan level graphics cards can be smooth running, as for the lower end of the graphics card is only to reduce the resolution and quality.

    Enemy front quality although not top, but because the story is set to the background of deep behind enemy lines, so "the midnight oil" scene was significantly higher than that of the similar theme of World War II, game and "the midnight oil" scene picture fine degree is relatively high. To want to experience "the midnight oil" Scene brings immersive, also need a brightness and contrast excellent display.

    In the case of the resolution is not high, we choose the GTX850M alone can be smooth running Front Enemy this game. Including gtx850m Shenzhou, mechanical revolution, Thor, Acer, HP, Lenovo and other brand alone significantly the, were sold to 4000 ~ 5000 yuan low price and gamers choice in the purchase should be many.

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