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  • Fallout 4 Explosive Weapon Skills Collocation Experience
    Time: Jan. 14, 2016 From: SCDKey
    This is the Fallout 4 explosion flow weapon skill match experience, may purchase of many of the Fall out 4 steam CD key to experience for players of blast flow weapons are not well known today SCDKey.com to for everyone to bring, let we together have a look!

    First, the fighting method of V is introduced. Open V known as the explosion of a little bit suitable for the flow. Because it will use a lot of non explosive weapons, especially heavy weapons. The biggest advantage of this approach is that the output strong, playing BOSS will not feel the effort. The problem is the lack of bullets. The game is very careful in reckoning. To play simulation game enthusiasts should be a good choice.

    Because as long as the V model to determine your attack is a hit, you will hit a few shots of the gun will hit the. So this kind of output is relatively saving bullet guaranteed hit. And weapons, although the use of AP, resulting in more damage. Mainly if the judge did not hit, a pile of bullets will be thrown out of the white. So this V is going to leave at a close distance. Rotating machine guns such weapons if the high hit shot, then the power and AP consumption is also acceptable.

    Another heavy weapon in which the flame injector has a bug. If the flame jet continuous V mode under attack, the second and subsequent attacks determine number of special, and each judge increase crit groove! Even if the injector is not lucky prefix, no lucky clover, also can within two or three rounds of ammunition to fill a few crit groove! Don't even say that lucky clover after save gas speed. So lucky heavy weapons flow has become feasible, as long as the ground to buy a flame injector fuel. Indeed, pick up the fuel jet fuel is not enough for me to do. But the flame jet is only more than 70, so it can be consider melee spray, and because of the AP it consumes very much, so it can be considered lightning raids in the past after the spray.

    So this wonderful way of initial point is this - the strength of 5, 5, 9, and 6, and lucky, and then slowly add intelligence to change the gun. SCDKey.com thinks it must be fun to play like this. Unfortunately, there is no magic support, ammunition will be more tense.

    Heavy weapons - Rotary gun, freeze gun, garbage spray guns, missiles, the fat man bomb, laser guns, shipborne gun, flame injector... Except for laser machine gun bullet points, the other bullets are very hard to find.

    A weapon heavy weapons is very comprehensive, also can accommodate close range weapons and ultra long range weapons, AOE weapons and burst firing weapons. It doesn't seem to be a good match for automatic weapons...

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