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  • Guild Wars 2 The Magic Broken Layer
    Time: Jan. 12, 2016 From: SCDKey
    First introduce the broken layers of illusion. Although the output of the broken layer of high and low, but all of the positioning is to play any position, so the equipment is a full power explosion. Magic is currently a bias assisted career, the output is not high, and the phalanx warriors almost (Magic output capacity of the new piece of information is a terrorist - Guild Wars 2 heroic edition CD key EU/NA).

    Said the output of magic than any professional are a lot worse, in fact, magic the outbreak of the output is very high, in speed can also be team, basic is the wave of the outbreak after just hit a few under fix, so the output of magic is not low, the team in super slow, magic continuous output really appalling.

    Since magic is auxiliary, destined to eat his teammates, if not a qualified magic what role, it probably is because teammates are too weak, auxiliary capability is strong, also cannot let rookie teammate godlike. Magic to control many - groups distortion, reflection, stealth, open the door, pull the strange, solution of symptoms, contempt, copy gain, the curvature of spacetime.

    Group distortion is the holy Guardian shield better than to use, such as music and dance off two headed giant hit attack is more suffering, or a lot of mobs attack at the same time, a Holy Shield Block not to live, distortion of 1s can fix, group distortion is a property, his team mate distortion has also been 1s, point out to be effective.

    Reflection ability magic is the strongest, a 360 degree reflection, concentrator 4 is a and short short and guardian of the reflection wall, concentrator 5 is not easy to control the direction of the, but the reflection time is not short, or ball type of reflection (in fact, the Ranger's axe 5), should pay attention to is concentrator without reflection method is very high attack, such as playing Firebird, if to the reflection of the Firebird rocket, if far enough away, to put the wall reflection in front of their own, distant Firebird arrows to is reflected back, placed in front of the Firebird is reflected off, if you make a melee, keep reflection mobs.

    Magic is the fastest clear disdain, ideally you can instantly remove 7 layer. SCDKey.com believes that at the same time, but also on a lot of easy to hurt, that is, a short duration of time. Magic in general do not need to bring the solution symptom spell, pure repairing properties makes your healing spells can also tell symptoms, your teammates must also clear symptoms of skills, enough. That feature has a bug, jumping in the air with the treatment can not trigger symptoms.

    Warping of space-time now is not only to a teammate speed, but also slow the enemy, playing the Firebird mobs, if your reflection skills in the CD, then put a time distortion also can be propped up, need to pay attention to is, slow to enemy action and release skills has an impact than such as silly second molten Berserker, slow take-off movement and shock wave speed becomes very slow, jump when should pay attention to.

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