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  • Might & Magic Heroes VI Complete Edition Relationship Between Forces And Religious Systems
    Time: Jan. 6, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Might & Magic Heroes VI - Complete Edition of the debut of the 5 different races are: the church, hell, cemetery, stronghold, Chou. Before the forests, dungeons, fortresses, college did not debut, as long as the players to buy the Might & Magic Heroes VI - Complete Edition Steam CD Key you can choose one as the own race.

    However, due to both the H6 and H5 worldview is the same, therefore, according to YSD chronology SCDKey.com can be inferred: Dark Elves and Elves already split, colleges and city cemetery seven federal co-exist, where the fortress forces The Graham also already exists. It is expected to debut in the expansion. Another rumor that the whole H6 will have ten forces, in addition to each of the nine known forces, according to YSD Chronology eastern mainland or refused to give up due to the presence of a dragon Sky Ylath primitive beliefs of human existence , and sacred Falcon Empire are converted to light the dragon Elrath humans.

    About Yingzhou forces, SCDKey.com considered according to myths and beliefs can be learned, Asha 6 dragon created originally existed among the representatives of the power of water Shalassa, therefore Yingzhou not re-fabricated, but did not appear in H5 in it, or 400 years later, Chou has been destroyed. Another conjecture is a stronghold of the forces of Chou and belong orcs species, the difference is that the former is aquatic or amphibious, which is land and air orcs.

    Also on the question of religious belief College forces, the prevailing view is that the college Master is no faith. Personally I feel that in fact is the seventh dragon worship Academy Sar-Elam, who communicate with Asha Master Mind. "Magician who does the dragon as God, that it is a more powerful life but nothing more. After enough learning and test, they will be able to reach the power of the dragon."

    College is not worship Renhe Long, because each train element has attributes, while college Master's goal is to control all the elements of power eventually became such a figure Sar-Elam. The branch cemetery Necromancer Academy is the worship of Asha spider incarnation, in fact, show that the two factions of the opposition is inevitable from a certain sense. SCDKey.com believes stronghold should be no faith, because no magic stronghold and anti-magic, they believe that their own flesh and blood.

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