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  • How To Improve The Daily Wages In The Crew
    Time: Dec. 22, 2015 From: SCDKey
    After the whirlwind Kuju God for the game, most of the players in the purchase of The Crew Uplay CD-Key will soon reach full level. Full level players should know that after joining gangs every day from the gang there paychecks, this value can vary. Recently a player always ask us how to improve the daily wages, I will simply replied: improve RP. In fact, this answer is not accurate, today SCDKey.com will tell you about gangs wage settlement method.

    First of all they know how to check their own gangs and RP value of it? In fact, the game in the Driver ID data are there, look carefully to find a lot of things to discover. Gangs and other information from SCDKey.com will be able to see where their gang after selection bar.

    Wage settlement is divided into two parts: base salary + commission = final achievement resulting wage base salary is base salary bonus value from the five regions and the world in general wage is derived by adding the achievements of the commission is a predetermined value by the AP value at SCDKey.com. The higher the commission obtained higher.

    AP value after the completion of the achievements within the game to reward score that will affect your daily wage commission. So the question is, even if one knows how to wage settlement, it is up to how to improve it? SCDKey.com thinks that since there are two values ​​affect the wage settlement, it can raise two. After completion of the achievements have AP.

    As gang RP only brush pvp or other activities to gang task slowly earn. When you reach the desired RP value title by SCDKey.com's style, your title will be lifted, the value of your salary will be lifted after the upgrade.

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