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  • Cemetery Mode Defensive In Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
    Time: Dec. 17, 2015 From: SCDKey
    Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare is playing third shooter game created by Popcap developed a role in the February 25, 2014 issue. The game is the second Plants Vs. Zombies Adventures of the second series of works, gamers only need to buy Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Origin CD-Key will be able to experience the charm of the game and have fun.

    In this game, gamers can choose pea shooter, sunflower, piranha and four plant cactus role. Pea shooter is a typical Stormtrooper, not only strikes blasting enemy, can also be arranged on an empty flowerpot fort, obstacles in the streets and so on. Sunflower although the positioning became a medic, but SCDKey.com think it also has a unique ability to combat sun rays. Piranha melee of Commandos raid zombies eat important units from the ground. The cactus is a standard sniper, you can also call garlic helicopter air strikes.

    Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Many gamers like garden cemetery mode, this mode is suitable locations in which plant defense? First, we must admit that this version of the zombie played much better than the plant. But this does not become a zombie brain gamers no reason to jump. In fact SCDKey.com I think plants hold several key positions, it is possible to curb the zombie offensive.

    The first garden, you need a will play with cacti and sunflowers, cactus blocked with nuts and potatoes left rear cave wall, then stood together and sunflower garden a hill left behind, this position can suppress all standing cactus distant high point of zombie infantry, and even hit the zombies on the right to establish the delivery point. Sunflower responsible for cactus blood, to clean up the cave zombie drones and heaven, if cactus is blown up, then immediately to save him, they usually want to maintain a certain distance to avoid being zpg out to do together, if the cave wall gone nuts He was immediately filled.

    SCDKey.com think is best teammate proactive piranha and peas, if there is a right rear garden pea poison constantly interrupted by sputtering back to the blood and the effect of closing the head shrink up on the high point of the better zombie soldiers.

    This is off another excellent defensive location is right in front of the garden of a high-profile, sunflowers and poison up a wanton attack pea garden all zombie attack back, as long as the high-up will play a pea sunflowers poison is dead of.

    Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare has four plants (occupation), and other multiplayer shooters on the market, it is rooted in PvZ style results. Four plants warrior type: mouth flowers, sunflowers, pea shooter and cactus.

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