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  • Battlefield 3 Firearms Select Reviews From SCDKey.com
    Time: Dec. 11, 2015 From: SCDKey
    Battlefield 3 game uses the Frostbite engine, showing a more powerful 3D detail effects, the animation, environmental destruction, lighting, maps and sound effects to a whole new level, players bought Battlefield 3 Origin Standard Edition CD-Key can after experience more realistic war scenes. Select firearms Battlefield 3 is undoubtedly one of the most important parts, now for everyone to bring firearms SCDKey.com choose experience.

    SVD gun and MK11 are pre, post SCDKey.com basic need, so do not be too concerned about what parts, can be used to unlock the SV98. DICE as a scout sniper rifle firearms initial intention, is likely to make players familiar with the remote shooting at the same time can be obtained by firing kills.

    After unlocking SV98 indeed formally entered the ranks of snipers, SCDKey.com think this gun is a single shot sniper rifle to make the most of a bad, the main problem is the relatively large fall trajectory, hit targets farther sight necessary The higher the lift, but this time the players are in the introductory phase, with a single room and feel it is good sniper rifle.

    When SCDKey.com unlock SV98, the first scout task has been completed, so in addition to SV98 you can also choose L96, this gun SCDKey.com with very little, but the limited ballistic feeling better than SV98 point, the data, the interval between two rounds than SV98 short, bullet point and faster, but whether it is the name of the gun or appearance are not satisfied, and unlock very late, so rarely used.

    Next unlock the M40A5, the advantage of this gun is that reloading faster, but the disadvantage is fatal bullet slow, so SCDKey.com think when hit moving targets in advance of mastery, and SV98 or L96 is very different, But compared with the previous two guns, M40A5 trajectory to better control of some, that it is more accurate to several. So before unlocking M98B, M40A5 is definitely your abandon L96 SV98 and a good reason.

    Finally, unlock M98B! Single-shot sniper rifle with the best, not one. With 12X and bipod is definitely long-range sniper weapon! Its trajectory and SV98 is compared to the difference between heaven and hell, and it's very fast bullet, it can better help you kill is moving or is about to move.

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