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  • Scdkey.com Experience Of The Settlers 7
    Time: Dec. 3, 2015 From: SCDKey
    Once playing The settlers 7, first touched Scdkey.com is its beautiful music and gorgeous art effect. Scdkey.com like this game, even though its ratings agency evaluation is not very high, but still experience it. Scdkey.com and always firmly believed that the game itself does not bring happiness, but through the exploration and summary of the lessons of failure, which is said to experience a variety of processes.

    Gamers just buy The settlers 7 uplay cd-key you can fully experience the game. Derivative to the seventh game piece of information, enough to see that it is a successful work. And look at all the games, business simulation found that works very much, and good works are very rare. Despite the success of The settlers 7 for some rather gamers will not be satisfied, but Scdkey.com still want to share your own experiences and feelings again hope The Settlers series can go farther, the more delicate.

    Talk about gold. Different from the past games, gold victory of the game did not play a decisive role, which means that in addition to the use of force can also get the victory by satellite and other means to save. On gold itself, its maximum use two points: first, to buy goods, the population and the army; second is to get other commodity support the Kingdom by means of foreign trade. Scdkey.com found by trial and error, insofar as not demanding the precincts, all goods can be done completely self-sufficient. And that would overthrow the traditional game business ideas, money is not the most important resource.

    The settlers overall game concept 7 biggest feature, Scdkey.com do not think the simulation and management, but good control of the country's overall trade logistics. The settlers 7 to assume this position, then it is the whole logistics system really chaotic, core logistics warehouse, there are a lot of problems.

    Scdkey.com believes that Gamers who played The settlers 7 will have this experience: whenever you want to produce a commodity, can only obtain raw material from nearby warehouses, and can only obtain a copy, this being especially the transfer of materials in the warehouse them, wasting a lot The time and labor, which in the modern enterprise is not allowed. Early in the game when relatively scarce commodity when the problem is particularly prominent, top-warehouse allows four people, but sometimes it is more distant from the resources, there will be other producers of raw materials in short supply embarrassment. I believe the game makers have been aware of this problem, so there will be a way to upgrade the system, accelerate the pace of the workers to improve efficiency.

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