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  • Call Of Duty 12: Black Ops III Assault Rifle Reviews By Scdkey.com
    Time: Nov. 26, 2015 From: SCDKey
    Weapons basic values are not accurate, after several versions amendment changes, Patch will update the gamers to buy Call Of Duty Black Ops III Nuketown Steam CD-Key. Weaken or enhance the value does not change the panel, so the panel has been unable to correct the value of arms reflects its true ability, and do not look at the value selected weapon, easily feel is the best.

    KN44: The default weapon, very balanced in all aspects, but the disadvantage is that the stability is poor, in the distance is a disadvantage, machine aiming in general, with the recommendations aiming sights + + annex other fast increase accuracy.

    XR-2: Very easy to use front patch after patch M8 now only become a substitute for, much lower rate of fire than before, because it is three bursts, one hit kill probability is not high, only in the distance headshot possible strike kill, because the recoil distance relationship, is difficult to achieve the full three rounds, and for marksmanship no confidence is not recommended, it is recommended with sights + weight warhead + penetrator, enhance the damage as much as possible, or sights + fast aiming + grip as far as possible to enhance the stability.

    HVK30: Lane has the highest rate of fire assault rifles, power and stability is also good, red face, a good weapon, very suitable for close fighting, the machine is also good aim to save sight, the disadvantage is that the rate of fire too fast, it is easy to fight air missile clip, recommendations bucket with hot skills, without sights, infrared + heavy bomb or warhead + quick change long clip, shot mainly in the waist, waist shot does not require precise aiming, early weapon unlock new players it is recommended to use.

    ICR-1: Although power is the lowest AR series, but has the best stability. Regardless of any distance Crossfire will not be much inferior, it is strongly recommended! Recommended with variable sights + quick glance + infrared or + butt, when stacked full accuracy after using long-range Dafa (bottom will elaborate) recoil is nearly 0, very Guards!

    MAN-O-WAR: High power, but very slow rate of fire, the accuracy is relatively low, the positioning of this gun is a bit awkward, to say the power of high, are actually within the range of three rounds killed, headshot two rounds, rate of fire not only slow, stability are also generally more suitable for an extended stay in the distance like the occasion to kill some time while a copy posterior relatively easy to use, does not require + frequent reloading, it is recommended with fast aiming + sights quick change + rate of fire bomb.

    SHEIVA: Single-shot rifle, high power, superior to those weapons, this weapon very test technology, in the hands of a master is definitely a big kill, if with heavy armor piercing + warhead, within the distance can be a big hit probability headshot kill, very sturdy, not low accuracy and range distance to the point, but also fear any weapons, it is recommended with variable sight sights + fast heavy + armor + piercing + warhead rate of fire.

    M8A7: Look arguments seem pathetic, but the actual performance is absolutely worthy of waiting 55, burst four bursts and excellent stability, most of the time within the distance you can blow away the enemy's life, but also because it is burst, it is difficult waste bullets, killing more than a mention too, speed values seem very low, lower than the actual rate of fire is not weakened after the XR2 highly recommended, recommended that with the variable type sights + heavy armor piercing + warhead + quick glance.

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