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  • Rage 2 - Easy to hate, easy to love
    Time: Dec. 23, 2019 From:

    The game developers not only borrowed ideas from some famous first-person shooters. You have removed yourself from the whole history of the genre.

    Rage 2 Bethesda Key is really so satisfying, so completely brazen, that I find it difficult to repeat it. I could list the shortcomings of the game and describe the strange menus or the game update structure all day, but the more I talk about the game, the more I prefer to play it.

    Rage 2 consists of a collection of non-original but well-implemented ideas that are held together by a structure that can hardly be described as an open world.

    I play as a walker, which can be a man or a woman depending on the choice at the beginning of the story. In this long introduction, Walker uses the armor of a fallen ranger to become the most powerful soldier to fight an authoritarian force called "Authority."

    As a walker, I travel on a relatively small world map and look for arches, huge technology cameras before the Apocalypse, which release new skills and weapons that I can then use to kill many, many bandits and mutants who create this world. It is dangerous for anyone without a weapon.

    After finishing the introduction, you should visit some characters on the map so that we can act together against the agency. As soon as I do this favor, the game is almost over. In fact, what the Rage 2 prologue looks like is the whole.

    There are no traditional levels and there are very few missions. For each challenge, I have to go to a specific place, kill people there, collect coins and objects in different boxes and gain power. Rage 2 would be an open world game, but updates and weapons are distributed to specific locations, and attempts to abandon the specified path between the outposts have failed. The cliffs and the bottomless holes guarantee that I can rarely paint outside the lines.

    Game marketing specialists can try to supplant the idea that this is a punk rock rebellion festival dotted with neon, but Rage 2 systems don't allow much creativity unless you choose the order in which I visit each area. The structure of the game suggests a relatively short solo linear game in Doom style, shown only as an open world title.

    If the fastest way to kill an enemy in Rage 2 is just a rocket upside down, why not always? The short answer is because it's not that fun and Rage 2 is a ridiculously fun game once I understand how to approach its red design. That said, the best way to have fun in this world is to create mine.

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