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  • The Sims 4 University is better than actual college
    Time: Dec. 2, 2019 From:

    After my new Sim had a long day reading my Macro Review books, I thought I could take a break. Then he went to a spontaneous DJ party in the desert.

    The Sims 4 Discover University expansion package is full of moments that perfectly reflect the Sims 4: assignable life situations that lead to crazy stories. The university has no shocking features like the sirens of Iceland Living or the realm of magic with the exception of Hogwarts. This is the best expansion since the squadrons, and I prefer these molten elements of the hidden atmosphere and the wonder of the other extensions.

    The Sims 4 offer everything that most Sims fans expect from an expansion package, but this achievement also highlights the deficiencies inherent in the basic Sims 4 experience.

    In The Sims 3, the university was completely isolated from the traditional worlds of the Sims. Players could not invite their friends to a room, go home or simply navigate between different simulators on and off campus.

    Discover University is now well integrated with the game. A sim can send an academic application at any time and determine the course load. From there, I choose where I want to live. Do you go to the new student city and live in a room? They can go to campus or university while doing business in one of the existing worlds, such as the Vampire Harbor Forgotten Hollow.

    I can choose a default grade for my Sim and complete the course with mandatory courses for a particular skill. If I want to change, I can take optional courses, ranging from DJ playlists to floral arrangements. I can even choose your school: Foxbury, a modern school more adapted to STEM, or Brittechester, a school of specialists in human sciences. Players can limit their training or simply take more attractive classes at school.

    Once registered with my Sim, they must have them in class and obtain credits for their title. Teaching itself is not a sophisticated game, because in most races, I am warned that my Sim has lessons, suitcases and steps and that I return with homework or an exam to study.

    I can work in a cafeteria and take paid student loans from Easy-A when I go out with my classmates, or I am a busy traveler who charges a fee every second of the day. These are two interesting gaming experiences that make a normal Sims 4 game even more attractive. It seems to me that much of the missing part of a Sim's life cycle is already available and this is the best opportunity for the postsecondary education franchise.

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