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  • 5 Biggest Things in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall
    Time: Mar. 1, 2018 From: SCDKey

    Civilization VI Rise And Fall DLC Steam CD Key EU has been launched, and as expected, opens a new world of strategy by completely changing the way it plays.

    If you are new , then you need to have a new understanding of the game,you’ll need a primer on how these play into the rules already established by the base game and how to win the game.Here are 5 things of the game you need to know:

    1. Loyalty - In your city, loving your citizens and improving your loyalty are more important than anything else. Once the loyalty reaches zero, the city will be out of your control, declaring its independence and becoming its own civilization.

    2. Governors - Governors are a group of designated people who can promote certain aspects of the growth of their cities and manage their loyalty to civilization. There are seven different types, and each generates +8 loyalty per turn. The governors can be reassigned as necessary.

    3. Great Ages - The Great Ages are another way to measure the progress of your civilization while managing your resource ecosystem. Four ages in total: Normal, Golden, Dark and Heroic. The major achievements of your civilization that are made during a World Era will determine the Era Score, and thus, which Age your civilization swings towards at the end of that World Era.

    4. Timeline - This feature supports the historical aspects of the game by allowing the player a linear look at their civilization’s significant achievements.

    5. Emergencies - A game state called Emergency has been added. An emergency is triggered when one of the players obtains a substantial benefit or takes extreme action. At this stage, other civilizations can join or reject the state of emergency. In an emergency, there is a specific purpose based on time, with permanent rewards for whichever civilization completes them.

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