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  • Seven Mercenaries put in an appearance in Far Cry 5 Character Trailer
    Time: Feb. 11, 2018 From: SCDKey

    Far Cry 5 Uplay CD Key EU has released a brand-new trailer - about the mian character of the game. This trailer, which based on each person's mission and internal strategy, details all seven of the game's mercenaries.Here ia an introduction to these seven mercenaries:

    1.Nick Rye,Pilot,The King Of The Skies
    - Light ‘Em Up: You want a strafing run? Look out.
    - Bombs Away: You want a bomb? He’ll drop it.

    2.Jess Black, Master Huntress
    - Concealment: Enemies have a harder time detecting her.
    - Feral Friendly: Wild animals see her as one of their own.

    3.Hurk Drubamn Jr.,RPG,Just Dangerously Stupid
    - Junk It: RPGs on vehicles are more destructive.
    - Heat Seeker: RPGs will track air and land vehicles.

    4.Adelaide Drubman,Pilot,The Chopper Queen
    - Call A Chopper: When called on, will deliver a helicopter.
    - Less Reload: Gun + big magazine = more shooting

    5.Sharky Boshaw,Pyromaniac,The Pyrotechnics Phenom
    - Fire It Up: Attacks will have an extra spark to them.
    - Shatterproof: Resistant to more explosions and impacts

    6.Grace Armstrong,The Sharp-Shooting Hero
    - Friendly Sight: Her laser sight is easier to distinguish.
    - Boom Boom: Her sniper shots will scare enemies.

    7.Boomer,Scout,The Good Boy
    - Retriever: Will sometimes fetch a weapon after an attack
    - Pointer: Will tag all enemies nearby

    In the game of Far Cry 5, players can use different mercenary combinations to carry out and complete their tasks. For exemple, if there's a mission that requires full firepower, Hurk or Sharky sound like a good choice; if invisibility is what you need, in that way, Jess or Boomer will help you...You’re only able to select one mercenary at a time, so that, the decision you make will have a drastic impact.So, please be careful!

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