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  • The Rainbow Six Seed Blood Orchid 3.0 update is now available on Test Server, Patch Notes
    Time: Sep. 6, 2017 From: SCDKey
    Before the release for all, the Blood Orchid update is now on the triumphant Rainbow Six test server. Here you can refer to Reddit here.

    The original story is below.

    The next big expansion of Rainbow Six Siege will soon be held free of charge. We already know the new map and the operators, but the 3.0 update will also provide several other changes, additions and improvements.

    The map, as already announced, is called Theme Park and is in a terrifying and degraded amusement park. In terms of operators, there are two defenders (Ela and an injury) and an attacker (Ying). The injury and Ying are related to the Hong Kong theme of the blood orchid, while Ela is a postponement of a previously canceled Poland expansion. The other operator of this high-end update will be released later.

    Bloody Orchid Surgical health capsules, the series of changes to improve the problems of nudity with the game. Although the health operation occurs after Ubisoft welcomed to continue to deal with the problems. "In the future, we still have the essential pillars to focus on optimizing games, improving the most important community issues and improving the players' experience." The fundamentals of the health operation will help us to improve Game play A great future. "

    Update 3.0 is making significant improvements related to surgical health. New servers are implemented that provide "significant improvements in stability, connectivity, FPS, elastic band and overall performance". In addition, a new physics system will further weaken the rubber band as well as teleportation.

    Lighting has been improved to make it easier to look from the outside in or vice versa; So far, it has made an exposure effect difficult to see (the comparison images below show the difference). The skies were also updated on all maps, giving a more dynamic appearance. Other visual changes include improved reflections, operator models (for some characters), facial expressions, and textures. In the latter case, it's something that Ubisoft will work on for the next card next year; For now, they were made in Kafe Dostoyevsky.

    The entire list of changes is very large - there are also new weapons, repairs to the Hibana gadget, reduced loading times, damage adjustments, card rotations and much more. You can read everything in detail in the complete notes.

    The 3.0 update starts tomorrow, August 29 in the PC version of the PC version and can now be preinstalled. This was originally scheduled to be the release date of the live version on all platforms, but Ubisoft recently announced that it should be released on September 5th. If issued, the card is free for all players, while the season 2 holders receive the three operators. Characters will be available one week after the start of the coin in the game for everyone else.

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