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    Time: Jun. 21, 2017 From: SCDKey
    With the announcement of Rocket League Steam CD Key coming to Nintendo Switch, Psyonix opened up more opportunities for inter-network play, a feature that is essential to Jeremy Dunham's company vice president for game longevity for generations.

    Speaking to IGN at the E3 2017 Dunham meeting discussed the development of multiplatform game developers who allows players of the League of Rockets against another Xbox One, PC and go to the competition. Players can now play PS4 against PC gamers, but not Xbox One, even at this time to change players when the game released this holiday.

    Since the announcement of Microsoft and Sony executives talked about Sony's decision not to participate in this multi-platform game Rocket League and Minecraft. While Dunham said he could not talk to my specific observations on PlayStation leaders, without knowing the exact circumstances of these comments, it is believed that it is important for the industry as a whole to embrace the inter-network game.

    "I think without multi-network play it takes almost progress games one way," Dunham said. "It is stifling growth.

    "Because you imagine if you could, if all games are open and available simply by default games between networks ... well were games for generations are now accessible blocked instead of a single period of time. Able to approach the development of the game and different design because it has to worry about the duration of the team life cycle or how long it expects this person to play the game before embarking on something move. "

    Dunham explains how it is in the development approach in the sense of new possibilities to change the design of the game, multiplayer mode and the use of games as a service, a term many developers have used their games to E3 and Last few months to describe comfortable.

    "Well, if the game was still there, it may be a part of your life it will be," said Dunham. "It's maybe the same as sitting down and playing cards with someone every weekend. Now if Rocket League is always there, it does not matter what system it is, no matter what year it is, that's a good thing."

    About the importance of the multi-network games industry beyond Dunham talked about whether the developer the possibility of extending the inter-network of the Rocket League in PS4 capabilities will continue with other systems. During the Sony E3 Jim Ryan told his knowledge "There is no direct conversation at this time," in terms of membership to play a reality for games like Rocket League and Minecraft.

    "Internetwork and game play available on all platforms is a conversation we had with Sony over the last two years," said Dunham, noting that there was no conversation about performing specifically for E3 Ads.

    "We've had and still have lots of discussions with Sony about this and with Nintendo and Xbox and everything."

    In addition to these talks Psyonix continue to support the Rocket League with content and press updates continuously, including second birthday updates.

    Rocket League

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