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  • Making Thanksgiving is the Sims 4 as Reunion of Cats
    Time: Nov. 25, 2016 From: SCDKey

    I do not go home for Thanksgiving, and I'm too busy, my apartment to celebrate to celebrate with friends. This year I decided to recognize the vacation in a different way: with my Sims. They are not really a vacation in Sims, but they may have parties, so they should do. To start preparing dinner for me, I bought a new dining table and chairs.


    I called the work for my The Sims 4 City Living Origin CD Key and his fiancee, and they came to the kitchen and cleaning to start. As his wife was the first, I decided I could get a head start on snacks while my sim cooked the main part of the meal. This plan was healthy. The problem was that my guests showed up early. In the latest expansion, City Life, you can provide a key to the house, friends of friends. In other words, they can arrive at any time.


    Okay, if nothing happens, but it means you can not run other social events like parties. Anyway, I'll wait for them to go right? Evil! They were coming and going about an hour later! When I am able to start a game, it was 20 hours. The late start, but I'll roll with it. My Sim does not know how to Turkey, but I have a casserole casserole and dessert pie.


    It will. The Sims 4 games start once everyone is invited, so whip your mobile phone and check who's with friends. Here are all the friends of my friends, your fiance, a woman you met at karaoke, your colleague, your ex-boyfriend and Bruce Biggs. After dancing to a K-Pop, everyone is hungry, especially my Sim had gone to the kitchen all day slavery. Moment at all for a meal!


    They refuse everything while sitting at the same table. As soon as someone approaches the only empty chair, someone stands up. This is my nightmare. At one point, everyone is seated, except Bruce, who decided to eat in front of the television. Bruce Feiner! Let's see if I do not give a shit! SCDKey.com is much more in the chaos before the meal than the food itself, and Sims was no exception. Eating once they started all were pretty good.


    My Sim and your ex do not fight. His wife made a big impression on all her friends. Bruce was strange. He felt comfortable and intimate. The mind has not even bothered too! My Sim rounds off his thanksgiving with a time-honored tradition: on the couch. Good holiday, each one.

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