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  • Said Hero Of War Video Game Refueling Violent Culture
    Time: Nov. 24, 2016 From: SCDKey

    National and local cycles seem to be dominated by terrible stories of violence and murder. In fact, according to the FBI, there were almost 15,000 deaths in 2015 alone, leaving many wondering what is behind the rise in violent crime and what can be done to stop it. Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman has spent a total of 23 American soldiers and a former West Point psychology professor who became a well-known scholar and expert on human aggression, violence and murder.


    Grossman, author of "Generation of Video Games Keys, Assault and Psychology of Slaughter," believes that video games and the means of cultivation for increasing violence in our society will have to be held accountable. "The American Academy of Pediatrics says that media violence is the most useful factor," said Grossman FoxNews.com. "That is, if we do something, we would like to have the greatest impact on violence in our society."


    Beyond the common phrase that our media culture is not aware of violence, said Grossman exposes the children showed violent images in video games is BF classic skinner operant conditioning, which indicates how human behavior is the result of gain To a stimulus. This conditioning Grossman noted in his previous book "On Killing" is the way the application and soldiers on the right are trained for combat.


    "Who was in the last 50 years in the military or in the police, knows that you can not pull ports, human figure archery, realistic objective image," Grossman said. The idea behind this exercise is to share an instinctive reaction to a life-or-death situation. It also trains the brain to overcome natural aversion to injure or even kill a human being.


    If children over other "people" in video games shoot, met with police officers and soldiers of the same type of packaging, but without the wealth of training and backup. "The aim of primates is now to educate parents and educate children," Grossman said. He also said that regulating the sale of certain violent video games to minors is important. Grossman firmly believes that eliminating these stimuli can reduce violence.


    He emphasized a demonstration at Stanford School of Medicine, where students at a K-12 school had ten days to get out of television, movies and video games, Grossman said. Brain scans performed by the Indiana Department of Medicine have shown a physical change in the brains of teenagers, violent images are exposed.


    Grossman's book highlighted the study in which it showed less use of logical parts of the brain than the violent media consumed. These young people have had to reduce activity in parts of the brain that weigh the consequences and decisions. Grossman hopes SCDKey.com can fight against violence in the United States by reducing the use of violent media images. We compared the relationship of children to addictive video games and showed how they seem to be subjected to a detoxification period, when children's games were removed.

    "The first two days, the child is happy that they will do the withdrawal symptoms, but on the third day, it's as if someone threw a switch," said Grossman, adding that the brain changes when exposed to violent images.

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