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  • The Distinctive District System Design Of Civilization VI
    Time: Nov. 22, 2016 From: SCDKey

    The management of the city has long been a basic pillar of the franchise of civilization. As components of their empire, while cities with all the resources and tools available to help thrive, gold and science military and religious units, they spread their culture.


    Previous iterations have greatly automated urban management: Players choose a pleasant area, preferably near the coast or bank of a river and a handful of natural resources in the region, and rounded down urban centers without further reflection. civilization VI changes all that. The introduction of districts, regions such as a campus or an industrial area, each occupying a map tile means creating an ideal city requires careful planning.


    Districts are city improvements such as libraries and factories, and the fact that they now occupy physical space, which means that they can benefit from the premiums of neighbors when they are placed side by side or near natural features such as mountains Or tropical forests. According to Dennis Shirk, senior producer of Firaxis Civilization VI Steam CD Key, team investment districts would be an important strategic consideration.


    "In terms of complexity, this aspect of land management is added to plan your cities, which in turn becomes a series of planning options that you make throughout the game." "We wanted the map of civilization VI more important than ever in previous Civilization games," he added. "This is the element that most games have changed to match, and we thought it was to help the world to make its strategy and decisions.


    Districts were a way to add a bit of specialization in cities, while the player an interesting challenge, how to use the ground in his empire. "Choosing the best location for your district is not as simple as finding tiles with good prime neighborhood as farms or timber plants will be destroyed if a neighborhood is built on them, and features such as forests will be clear, drained marshes, and all Your lost companions bonus.


    Because most of the wonders of the world are built in civilization VI in specific places (on a flat surface next to an industrial area, for example, or on the coast near a port area), mechanical means of neighborhood You need players who go ahead and make room for them. Shirk and it is clear that the positioning of their districts to other strategic and military consequences.


    "It is possible to implement a unit in a district," he said, "but only the field (military units) provides a defensive bonus, as well as a remote attack of the city, when the city defense force the base walls Of downtown as well. "But districts also offer tempting targets for options for an invasion force. Depending on how many buildings are present, there may be several laps (one turn per building, and one for the base district). "


    Because the SCDKey.com has as a district and can even attack enemy units in its range, the development of districts in the vicinity (or near a landing) is a good strategy, necessary for the low fruit they represent for The attackers is. As in previous games, it was easy to build "super" cities that were able to provide all available resources in one place, claiming that the Shirk districts system should discourage these points.

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