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  • Somethings You Need About Infinite Warfare Multiplayer
    Time: Nov. 15, 2016 From: SCDKey

    In online multiplayer mode for Activision's latest blockbuster Call of Duty Infinite Warfare STEAM CD KEY EU gives me deja vu. Of course, the situation is different (space, most of the time) as part of the equipment and weapons. But it's difficult, not the most popular game mode in the popular video game, not with the feeling that you just played it a year ago. In this month, Activision Infinity War rolled out for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and is expected to publish the video games to make the mass of cash.


    But how does it compare to previous online campaigns? Here's a look at the four things I learned from the Infinite Warfare Multiplayer. For more information on the single player campaign. The main changes focus on how to equip their digital soldiers. It continues to use a "select 10" system that allows players to choose 10 items to send their soldiers to battle online.


    It might be a basic weapon with a lot of equipment and perks (continuous growth that deserves while games), or it could be a weapon of every conceivable, calm, accessory tranches. The selection of the equipment is considerably greater than in previous versions. It's more of fragmentation grenades or mines. There are pomegranate visor, calf legs and crawling to a target, or personal radar to track enemies closer. It is much more robust than the previous games.


    Last year with Call of Duty Ops Black III presents the specialists, characters with special abilities unleashed after the points were earned during a game. These prizes range from super fast races on cards to powerful weapon moorings, such as mortars. Drilling rigs are developing this with not only getting a special weapon players, but also an additional benefit to the battlefield. For example, the Warfighter includes a claw weapon that is able to quickly spread balls and properties such as persistence, Scorestreaks - a points system, special support game such as air raids, which are activated during A party entertains. There are six cameras in total, but you can dig deep to suit the shape you want.


    There are lasers. A large number of lasers. Many drones. He is the beetle from SCDKey.com, a drone manipulating reader and finally exploded near a group of enemies. Scorchers are the futuristic twist in a lightning bolt, but include enemies attack from above with laser beams. There are also many more energy-based weapons compared to previous years. Maybe through the wall, or maintenance of the class system, but Infinity multiplayer war feels a bit like last year's game, Ops Black III.


    An abandoned space station zapping enemies You might think that speed through laser beams while veiled would be fun. No. Sometimes they can only get bored. Do not hit the base of the multiplayer duty call, as it is still very good. There is a reason why people queue up at midnight to take a copy. However, it is difficult to find a member of the experience that really stands out.

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