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  • ESports WoW Legion and Renaissance
    Time: Nov. 14, 2016 From: SCDKey

    With the release of Blizzard Legion's World of Warcraft, it once again delivered a successful expansion of the world-famous MMORPG. While the game itself, the development of a whole genre of games and the generation of players dictated behind their rise has not yet added to the electronic sports scene. The development of electronic sports as a whole continues more large prize markets, increasing public and increasing supply and diversity of demand, an area in which remains in WoW. But that's going to change.


    With the PvP Legion gameplay mode has received a thorough review and tried both casual and hardcore players get back into the player against the player group action. In addition to the massive changes in the Blizzard game WoW tried electronic sports as a legitimate title in a way they never had before. How can the release of WoW Legion in the highest Echoons increase?


    "For the first time since the launch of World Of Warcraft Expansion Legion EU CD-Key PvP developers have the opportunity to compensate for some role play," says Elliott pitcher "Venruki" Venczel Venczel has unparalleled history in WoW eSports -. As a player, he scored several top-flight titles and has won in North America and international championships, including the Battle.Net World Cup in 2012. He then successfully relocated and streamed retransmission from a regular cast and release member. Official Blizzard.


    His statement about the Legion comes from experience. The newly introduced honor system provides additional PvP capabilities that are unlocked by playing back PvP content such as battlefields, arenas, and PvP missions around the world. Why Blizzard is able to reconcile the two main aspects of the individual game. This translates into a faster and more effective response to community feedback, which is primarily due to an eSport environment. There is good news for all concerned; No one likes to watch an electronic sports title with a stale and unbalanced game strategy, after all.


    In addition, players and the potential audience should be able to identify with the game they observe. Therefore, a clear set of structure can still be important than anything else. But laymen in the game changes only the basis for a return of WoW electronic sports. The other big problem that WoW has struggled with is transmit quality and the value of production in general. This is, however, SCDKey.com not solely tied to Blizzard and its commitment to delivering a high quality electronic sports stream. In fact, it is the nature of the game, it is difficult to see.


    Compared to other competitors such as MMO FPS or RTS, and PvP WoW viewerfreundlich certainly are not immediately. Arena three team members who play all different classes, and these classes have their strengths and weaknesses. No climbing or breaking in WoW Arena game. And the gameplay of WoW PvP actually convey the program's fine line of sufficiently accessible to passers-by and deep enough for walking veteran aficionados. This is to accomplish an impossible task in itself.

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