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  • Left 4 Dead 2 Modder Created The Tools In Series
    Time: Nov. 8, 2016 From: SCDKey

    People celebrate Halloween in different ways. Some dress as your favorite character, a little back to their homes in haunted houses and light firecrackers and scare my dog. For Yogensia modders but Halloween is a time to celebrate, holding the weapons of the iconic horror movies for use in Left 4 Dead. 2 Since there are four, the talent creator of more than 40 weapons mods for Left 4 Dead 2 Steam CD-Key, which includes a sugar cane shotgun, Harley Quinn Bat Suicide Squad and 4001 Rickenbacker.


    This Halloween, shaped and textured ax and the iconic machete The Shining Friday 13 Jasoon Voorhees, which was a collaboration between him, Rafael De Jongh, Maksymilian Genewicz and Renato Carvalho. Yogensia told me that even though she did with specific Halloween designs for this year, some of the projects in the works a. "I still have the idea of ​​new mods," he said. "The goal is to find something that arouses my interest and the skills of the scores, so it seems to me some free time to work." I will most likely work on Negan's baseball bat from 'Lucille' The Walking Dead in the coming weeks. "


    The work that is Yogensia in each MOD, can last from several hours to several weeks, depending on how ambitious the project is. He said that "workflow is not written in stone" and that every modder has a different way of doing things. His method starts with him a version of the weapon with high polygon models, so focus on as much detail as possible.


    "Then I simplify the model to make low-poly and usable in games, so the overall shape still looks relatively good," he said. "Then I do a process called" kitchen ", which convey the details of the high poly model to the low poly like textures." This makes the look low poly almost as good as normal high poly distance. Then, I start to structure the low-poly model and then convert the model into the format of the game to make sure it works properly and upload it. "


    Prior to current modeling and weapons creation, Yogensia said that she spends a lot of time searching and viewing the photographs in a reference. That tends to stick in the shots of the movie itself, since "SCDKey.com tend to show a lot of cosplay accessories or replicas with missing data and inaccuracies." "Axes and machetes are relatively simple, but sometimes they just want to make sure they do not miss little details," he said.


    Of all the iconic weapons, which were created by the masters of the design and the weapons room, presented Yogensia the M41A pulse gun from outside as its white whale. He has worked in recent years on a model and took his time and therefore the concern, to make sure it is as accurate as possible. "Science fiction weapons are of course more complicated than melee weapons, and if you ever release a Mod targeting overseas, I'd like the levels of the first two movies of the month," he said.

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