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  • Battlefield 1: Twitter Trenches Storm
    Time: Nov. 7, 2016 From: SCDKey

    World War I was never a big problem for video games, perhaps due to the endless weeks of falls and writing letters trench, followed by a dome on top and a short run in a futile "Game Over" screen not play the traditional advantages of the medium. For years, World War II was the favorite theater director. The versatility of this conflict allowed players involved in fighting in the charming villages of France brothers in arms, the beaches of Normandy Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Assault and draw a pearl in the testicles Hitler Sniper Elite V2.


    With the centennial turns to the views of the First World War. Brave Hearts 2014: The Great War was a game cartoon exemplary and still dark, as Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks, examines the pressure exerted by the conditions of war and misery of the human heart. This month Battlefield 1 Origin CD Key takes a visceral approach. In the boots of a number of soldiers in a series of historic square of French, Italian bulls and Mesopotamian.


    Although there is a brief history, it is the battlefield of long-term supply in their confusion of huge multiplayer battles, where up to 64 players, the roles of infantry, cavalry, chariots and biplane pilot take over and you can get commercial recordings using war pigeons successive artillery attacks. Some can build on the acquisition of one of the deadliest conflicts that put the world for wearing a kind of broad set of browser-like, but the more unethical as a filmmaker with the war ends in smooth.


    The Swedish developer was aware given the need to address the issue, particularly in the context of an acute flare 'em up, with the care of an educator. In September, the leading producer of Aleksander Grøndal said Vice. "It was an important moment in the history of the West, and if we can encourage people to play, then that's a victory for themselves" The warning was undermined last week by a series of damped promotional tweets sound mind means social communication of the EA, editor of the multinational published work.


    It showed a soldier in the game, blinked a rival with a flamethrower next to the title of regret: "If it is too hot for the club, #justWWIthings" Another used a shot Spielberg-esque d. a soldier in one place, with the words twisted wrapper, standing in front of a zeppelin explodes: "If the team seems to point". Some Twitter users participated in the Hashtag fun and fired several historical phrases as a way to demonstrate the lack of sensitivity of the method.


    After the protest drew an official apology from EA, indicating that tweets "do not treat the time of World War II with respect and sensitivity we wanted to say with the game and our communication." The games are defined by the rules of rules but are contextualized and reinforced. War is the dominant metaphor in sport, carried out with "sides" of the "masters".


    The object of chess, use more activities bloody table. Battlefield 1 were not significantly different from team sports like football SCDKey.com think - as a growing battle where attackers and defenders flying in a contest of will and on and off. Perhaps the problem is with the specific nature of matter. If rugby is played with his features stirred for a few yards of territory in khaki and had the shape of the ball as a bomb, the sport could not progressed as it did. As the FIFA ban on England and Scotland players wearing poppies when his team carried out the armistice has shown, there is a kind of moral impunity in abstraction.

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