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  • Some CS: GO Players Had More Lag Recently
    Time: Nov. 4, 2016 From: SCDKey

    When Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game in the UK and in recent days - or at regular intervals - noted further delay in the passage of time, then there is an exchange of views on the information in the CS: GO a reason with a specific subreddit solution simply they want to shoot? Try some of the best FPS games on PC. Wire users today in the CS: GO subreddit began and stressed that a specific server on the valve network - flow through all the traffic in the UK - has a problem and that was the reason for the delays of the past.


    "A search on Google shows that this server every few problems months," Stannaz99 which may explain why they are experiencing a similar delay regularly said. If you know what to do. Well, what happens? Less than two hours. then Valve Software Developer Fletcher Dunn detailed response "believe that the cause of high pings because we are in a transition period, DTS," said the basic CS:GO Steam CD Key new connection protocol we discussed a few weeks ago.


    In short, the DTS pings should enhance and protect against DDoS attacks, by sending your traffic to the game server, regardless of relay optimized connection, instead of connecting directly. According to Dunn valve has already become DEG for all US games, but the test is still in Europe. This means that your game DTS uses to find a route that is improved compared to the previous protocol (UDP), which can cause your game select another UDP server.


    As SDR is not used for traffic of your game, then you are connected via UDP with the new server. "So you can get the direct route UDP in the game, and ping should be as it was before last week - but server selection would probably have changed since the pings were selected for the region." So if you have problems, then. The good news is there something you can do about it.


    Apply console command "net_client_steamdatagram_enable_override 1" before the game connects to a server, and decide at an early stage for the SDR-link protocol (see our article to find out how it goes with a text document). If Dunn is correct, SCDKey.com thinks that you must repair this. Note also that the valve is switch to DTS Europe sometime soon ", said the whole problem could in a few days without object," says Dunn. The exact timing of the transition depends on the results of the load test, which is currently ongoing, Dunn promised to publish again "when we have something that deserves to be shared."

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