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  • The Sims 4 City Living Can Plays In The New Extension Area Now
    Time: Nov. 4, 2016 From: SCDKey

    As Sims 4 launched in 2014 to life, feel the empty world. Living in the expansion of the city that fell yesterday to The Sims 4, finally feels alive. Sims are now everywhere, all the time. Since I will soon move to New York, the best City Living try to see how a Sim process a new life in the city? I spent the last week in the city area with a code provided by EA, and I found that the search for an apartment in San Myshuno fictitious is much easier than finding a place to live in New York.


    The difference is that housing in the Sims 4 have all their problems in the sleeve. City life has a new feature called "lots of features". These unique features make homes and apartments special features such as "cuisine", which makes it easier to enjoy the kitchen, or My top floor "animated neighbors." My Sim decided against an apartment with the lot line 'Needs TLC "in the arts district for a more beautiful at the Spice Market. It is historic, but continued. Hey, they can handle it.


    My second major concern for a new city in real life is to make friends. Although I know many people who live in New York and like my colleagues here, I can find people, you know, hang out with? I had to join the new "spokesman" race of my Sim in the game, to ensure they get to know someone. In the basic game you can not control your Sims 4 at work, but you can say to talk to your colleagues, friends and improve your social needs of Sims 4'. Put to work the extension later, after their Sims with an option to work, but the number of mini-games that have finished hard never talk to anyone. A San Myshuno making friends was as simple as going to the bar.


    Karaoke is also new in City Living, the ability to sing is. You can sing everywhere - in the shower, just walking, or one of the instruments available. But singing in karaoke machines is fun and the best way to take their The Sims 4 City Living Origin CD Key to others. Hear my squawking Sim a country song with his new friends was hilarious, because there is a big difference between Sims with low ability to sing compared to a high level. All the friends I made in the karaoke bar were great song. At least they are not too say.


    Not that relationships and socialization have changed in the city area, but the game has made it easier to take this mechanic. San Myshuno hosts a festival every day in the game, and generally is one of your friends call and ask to spend time there. Before Sims 4 City Living call just to go home, but after enlargement call you and try some things, like you do in life. In the base game, areas such as parks and bars only be filled once your SIM card arrived and needed to get a loading screen, but San Myshuno is more transparent. If your friends want to be a festival in the district of the SIM card, you can just go and Sims is now on hold.


    While my Sim GeekCon as if they really had an explosion in the Spice Festival, in front of his apartment. When Curry Eating oppose it was not so good, but she and her boyfriend likes Kengo enjoy international cuisine and hang on bubble blower, which is now at City Living. At the end of the night, he got game 'Dazed' by bubbles and basketball, live my imaginary life Riff Raff restore these wines.


    In the base game, the friends of your friends call any time if they wanted to hang what appeared to be a nuisance after a while. In the city area, your Sims can give your friends a key to your apartment, which means they are increasingly. In real life, I do not like, but in the game, which is very convenient, especially because now you can work from home.


    If I moved to New York, I will work in the office of Gizmodo, but for now I push the bed and drags me in the morning on the computer. Although I have not been charged, there are four hours of television and paint a mural as my Sim in real life, so your Sims to work at home, so diverse day. Instead of feeling that your Sim not the company or the events in the city, you can multitask is. Speaking from experience, it is not all that unlike real life. My Sim would be an opportunity to invite Kengo past while working to try to get affectionate with him, which is a marked difference in real life, I promise.


    The apartments are the true jewel of City life. Because your Sim must inevitably interact with their neighbors, the game finally feels alive. Instead stories are drawn from the air, the story takes place now that my sim. Sometimes my sim neighbors are too loud, trying to pass Kengo flirt with both too angry. Later, the woman came to complain that my next Sim made too much noise while WooHooed with Kengo finally said it was a reckless and rude neighbor. Sorry girls, we finna crush.


    In San Myshuno something happens. When SCDKey.com came to Chicago for the first time a suburban Connecticut three, was a culture shock, always doing something intense. I wanted my Sim should check each disc, but had no time, not even all parts of the city were explored. It feels busy and noisy and overwhelming that cities. I just wish I was in New York will be in the first days of my Sims in San Myshuno so exciting.

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