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  • Mafia 3 Opinions: Beauty Consolidated On An Anvil
    Time: Oct. 20, 2016 From: SCDKey

    Open world games should change a bit of a staple in recent years, with great titles like The Witcher 3 and Grand Theft Auto V, as we see this massive game. Mafia 3 seeks to be similar and offers players a look into the Deep South of the 1960s was a turbulent time in history to be a great backdrop simplistic plot revenge Mafia 3.


    Hangar 13 was sad but the game had a terrible corrupted its true beauty, a formula linking the open world almost think we've eliminated the time developers had no idea what to do with so wide open worlds. As a fan of the series had high hopes for mafia 3. Many fans caught me in the hope that he would be received by a vast and wide as GTA V or The Witcher 3 world.



    SCDKey.com was expecting a world that felt alive and entered. This is something that the Witcher 3 treated well in terms of side quests and missions. All he did was important and gradually felt. Instead, it feels more like Hangar 13 took the same formula for Far Cry, and just ran with it, giving us an open world, which is full of AI wonky, collection tasks and game too repetitive mechanical refuse.



    This does not mean that there is no nice rooms in the segments of the open world. There are. They are simply too small that they lose sight of all the other things that appear on the screen. Aside from the disappointing world open the game, the game feels beefy arms and excellent. Every shot seems to hit the target, blood and screams of pain lead to their goals.



    Headshots protrude without too much trouble, and gunshots to the legs or stomach send their enemies fall to the ground, her moans and groans that feeds the fire of desire for revenge Lincoln. Of course, you should really take a picture, if we're honest. For those who enjoy them, to protect the cards and remove the enemy skins, knives whistle and Lincoln are a powerful combination that is none other than non-intelligent AI of the game.



    However, the great saving grace of the game is its story. Revenge of simple action that so often exaggerated in the course of history, players carry the most turbulent times in American history. It is a journey that corresponds with each stroke, leading to another road is smooth and pleasant. You can stop not feel compelled to Lincoln, and sympathy with him despite their violent and destructive actions.



    Under Bosses his job very well, each immersed in his own way of life in history. Our only complaint is that you can not see enough of them, and the story feels as if they had been expelled from high school, so they can be directed to open the game world. Mafia 3 Steam CD-Key is an interesting case. Hangar 13 had everything they needed to hit the ball out of the park, and yet somehow managed succession.



    The setting is wonderful, weapons feel fleshy, and the story is the hobby of the mafia could have expected. That's why it's a shame that Hangar 13 decided to spoil this beautiful project in the sense of full load, joins a world formula open date, which adds nothing to the story, characters, or even the world . The story is amazing, perfectly capturing the concepts of time and character. Unfortunately, what the open and filled with content world is almost unbearable, forcing a great effort to quell only a few sips of good.


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