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  • 5 Excited Reasons Gears of War 4
    Time: Oct. 12, 2016 From: SCDKey

    The Xbox One has had so far a pretty decent year with the release of Quantum Break, Recore and Forza Horizon 3. Although it has successfully critics and audiences, the company publishes a title today this is sure to be a success, and it can even help push some consoles at the door. What kind of game is this? It is Gears of War 4, of course. For some years we have a new game, Gears of main line and enthusiasm for this product is naturally high.


    Shooters at the base of the deck of the Queen is a rare thing these days, so it's refreshing to have a game that goes back to basics. While Gears of War 4 is the kind of experience that fans of the franchise under the offer, but also a lot of new features is believed that another stale retreading should take. Gears of War 4 features a lot of things, but here are the five reasons why the Xbox One and PC gamers should be excited about the game.



    Back Gears games focused on Marcus Fenix ​​and his allies, but now that SCDKey.com 25 years have passed after shattering events of Gears of War 3, a new generation has emerged to replace the old guard. Although we will see some familiar faces, most of the characters in the game to be new to the series. These include the character, JD Phoenix, his best friend, Delmont "Del" Walker and his allies, Kait Diaz.



    The best new human characters, we are introduced to a new group of hostile creatures. Instead of grasshoppers, which Swarm. Despite these monsters are very similar to lobster will have some new and terrifying tricks up their collective sleeve. It remains to be seen how or if these enemies are associated with lobster, but we hope that they will have their own interesting story.



    The most surprising thing is that your enemies are not all monsters or humans mutated. JD and friends are not only good with the government of the world, it will be part of the game where they have to fight again for military robots. This adds a new dimension to game titles include previous aid fight. Each modern multiplayer mode, players fight against waves of enemies owes its existence to Gears of Wars' has the Horde.



    Gears of War Ultimate Edition Xbox One Digital Code is that players like the Horde mode, but with new mission parameters, weapons, obstacles and more. This does not mean that his father is the old Horde, sure. This horde time are the classes have to choose a character, and each of the five to play a special role. Each class will be scalable, so it is better. Play some normal and normal games to level up before facing the toughest challenges.



    As with the previous Horde mode, you can continue to create enemies behind defenses. These come in processors that provide not only things like barriers, decoys and turrets, but also save your weapons and allow you to purchase new items. With 50 waves to survive against, you use the processor to the maximum.


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