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  • First part: 'Mafia 3' is much better than imagined
    Time: Oct. 11, 2016 From: SCDKey

    I have in Mafia 3 high hopes. What I saw I liked, to be sure, but the video game not to play with a great sense of what it will be like a game. I played a fair share of the mafia mafia 1 and just a touch 2: game perfectly fine, but nothing that would suggest that the series was much more than a crime lot of open world. Certainly not what Scripture offered to all better than the standard fare of games.


    That, and I was careful with the environment: I explore on board the idea of ​​racism in New Orleans fiction, but videogames do not have to deal with a strong history of major issues. I lived for six years in New Orleans, and too often writers of all possible media'm so obsessed with the city that established the fiction tends to contribute to the costs of the action in the exotic. These are, of course, the same reasons I was happy to sit and see the game, but was cautious enthusiasm.



    It follows from the first scenes Mafia 3 Steam CD-Key better than most video games. This is a story-driven experience and performance, writing and stories are exceptionally well executed, with the kind of subtlety and naturalism, which is rarely seen outside of a game of Naughty Dog. The whole experience is framed by a contemporary documentation on the barricades of the protagonist of New Bordeaux, and feeling the aftereffects are the story of a sudden feeling of weight.



    It is a story of revenge and simple: Lincoln clay, Vietnam Vet kill mafia donation betray setting us up our character as a black man in the 1960s in color, South output allows you to see the destruction of the structure white power. Grand Theft Auto, always an important test in this genre, have lost their ability to manage their own violence, refusing to lightness nothing ever changes in tone, but complacency: Mafia 3 is a lot harder than most game, but violence has a function here.



    His Lincoln is not a hero, he is for sure is that clear once you see your old cure the pain of his violent transformation in the documentation. But when a brutal demolition plays an executor of the Dixie Mafia, which really gives the impression that he wants. 3 mafia knows that the establishment is not achieved at the expense of history, and it is good to maintain at all times focus on its Lincoln and his quest for revenge. But the environment is real, too, and to make their way in the game of some very intelligent.



    Particularly strident "conscience Police Tracker" which shows a small blue bar when police shows. This does not mean or has something wrong, especially problems, it just means ... who have their eyes on you is a moment when you feel worried at first, and effectively more .. can not walk safely in a separate company, and the police will not be almost too quickly come to the black neighborhoods as they know it is in the neighborhoods. And every time they commit a crime, as is heard on the police radio "colored man found ..." is what in d other games have seen the dance, this time to the head.



    As for the gameplay, there's nothing you have not seen before. It is a crime in the open world game with a basic coverage with SCDKey.com third person shooting mechanics of the acquisition zone and a lot of goals repetitive waves and steal car. It is functional, but does its job, it's nothing fancy. But functional enough for me, here. The gameplay is doing what it should do in the way of history, without which, no doubt, is the main attraction. There are also some visual jank, but do not care.


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