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  • Gameplay and New features of Football Manager 2017
    Time: Oct. 11, 2016 From: SCDKey

    With the football season 2016/17 simmered away, so football players were treated two of the most anticipated titles of the season. FIFA 17 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 the two criticisms were published, but the management part of the game - in the Champions League or hope to take their local minnows League final - wait for Football Manager 2017 to arrive.


    It is the section 13 of the series Football Manager as it becomes Championship Manager and then start moving. We have a release date for the next track, and a short video of the game, but the game developers, Sports Interactive have, look at their cards, held so far on his chest. SCDKey know a lot more about the game until you get closer to its release date.



    The next issue will arrive on November 4, but the most dedicated players Football Manager will be able to try again two weeks. Pre-order access to Football Manager 2017 beta for two weeks before the game goes on general release. All starting games, you can pass through when the full title is available. The Daily Mirror says the standard retail price of £ 28 - £ 35 is expected - but here are the loyal players of Football Manager will enjoy another advantage.



    If you buy the game on Steam and download, you can go to a reduction of five percent for each of the previous titles football manager into consideration that they have acquired through the digital distribution platform, up to a maximum discount 20 percent. Details on this new nor rare and the official website indicates that new updates and will be announced in the coming days the beta version beforehand.



    However Alphr reported that the title of this year will be delivered in two different formats and players of Football Manager 2017 Steam CD Key have both. will be the game with all the available fat in addition to a sleek, stripped-Touch Edition than simply focusing on transfers and tactics. Sports Interactive has confirmed that those booking will be free downloadable content for the Lite edition, including "the priority of the board", "No ignition" get "Applications" and "national administration" and three new trials set the mark in the gameplay "challenge".



    Referendum on the United Kingdom's accession to the EU proposal interesting could play a role in the next game. In a blog of LinkedIn, Miles Jacobson, studio director of Sports Interactive he said leaving the UK, the EU decision, as many foreign players could influence play now need a work permit. It is the only indication of new game features that we have heard so far.


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