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  • Rocket League Getting Free Aquatic Arena
    Time: Sep. 29, 2016 From: SCDKey

    Psyonix unveiled a trailer for Bioshock Rocket-esque League, a new field of water sports that offer the Aquadome, which are added for free in October for the game. Even if it were, since there's Rocket League a year later the masses, the popularity of football with cars still play. This is mainly due to the free developer Psyonix and updates released for the game on a regular basis paid, fans constantly means new content on your teeth fall out if the new cosmetics or new arenas to master.


    As it happens, the next update for Rocket League is set to start in the corner, sometime in the coming months. Rocket League Steam CD Key Update October - inserted in a striking parallels trailer BioShock, all games - will bring a whole new arena for all free players. This new scenario is known as the Aqua Dome completely underwater with sea creatures like sharks and jellyfish floating outside the walls.


    Structurally, it is the same as most other areas of the League of missiles, but from a visual point of view, it seems a visually stunning cards that will be issued Psyonix. The Aquadome is not the only thing that players can expect Rocket update the league in October. With the new arena, adding Psyonix is ​​to take advantage of a couple of cars two new players, is $ 1.99 per piece.


    The first is the style of Triton, which takes the form of a submarine and the Proteus, which looks like a boat marine biology research, the second is designed. This stunning new vehicle all cars previously released games, including the Batmobile and the DeLorean back to the future. updated October marks the first major content update for Rocket League saw in a few months, but that does not necessarily mean slow Psyonix support for the game.


    On the contrary, it has big plans for future updates Psyonix missiles League and if he has his way, one of these updates can even make rockets League first PS4 / Xbox One cross play the game. During the match against between the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Rocket League can never happen that Psyonix and the player can return spent otherwise. Aquadome free cards can help is to achieve this goal, and to add new game modes such as how basketball has previously been added this year to the game.


    If the new game modes or more free arenas, SCDKey.com is not quite sure what Psyonix expected future league of the missiles beyond the Aquadome October update, but you have to imagine there is something in the works. Rocket Assuming that the League is able to maintain its popularity and continues to garner millions of dollars, probably support Psyonix popular football game with hybrid cars in the coming years.

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