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  • Overwatch: Who Are the Most Popular Heroes?
    Time: Sep. 28, 2016 From: SCDKey

    Statistics show overall sergeant of the most popular local hero custody, and the least popular figures for the first shooter Blizzard. Blizzard made a bet when a new IP address, rather than working on another entry in one of the many franchises proven decided to establish, but it seems that Overwatch Origins Edition Battle.net CD Key paid. Overwatch has amassed a huge following with 15 million players at last count, and has proven popular enough to warrant further development of new content for the game after its release almost six months.


    Some may wonder that these millions of players have played, but I will not ask how the data collected from the master revealed popular hero Sgt games website. According to statistics sergeant major, the most popular hero in the game, support is the character Lucio. Lucio in the popularity of the soldiers 76 colleagues support healer Mercy Pharah monitoring and Genji.


    Therefore, make two additional characters in the top five, while three other crimes, the line seems to have statistics with Blizzard game play is divided not too long. Some may be surprised to learn that two heroes of support are among the top five, but it makes sense. The game will remind players that if they have a hero or other support on your computer, and there is less to choose support hero than any other class in the game, it is not surprising that the two most popular most games took watches.


    The other three heroes support really make up less popular figures, and Bastion crimes hero and hero Winston tank. Blizzard is aware that characters like Zenyatta, sniper Ana healer Symmetra often not used by the players, and the studio waiting to fix with future updates. In fact, already it has been discussed Symmetra enamel to convince players to choose more common in online games. You have to imagine that similar changes in the way of Zenyatta and Ana as it could be.


    Ana is actually the hero least Overwatch of SCDKey.com used, according to statistics. However, it notes that has been added to the game a few months after the launch, which could explain the low utilization rate. It is also possible that some older fans see other games move, and Ana could not have been there when they played regularly. Whereas it is possible that the next character DLC Shadow suffer the same fate, and an unpopular hero can be marked accordingly.


    Get with the game frequent updates, it is clear that Blizzard should do Overwatch goal is as far as possible, be balanced. These characters include nerf and buff use in the game to promote, it is possible that most of the less popular characters buffed in the coming months, while some of the most popular is nerfed. Fans should pay attention to future updates of Blizzard Overwatch to ensure that no significant change in their choices of heroes.

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