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  • World Of Warcraft Legion Review
    Time: Sep. 27, 2016 From: SCDKey

    During the first five expansions, Warcraft was slowly evolved into something quite different from the MMO, it feels like a whole new game in 2004 called The expansion of the Legion in life. After 12 years on behalf of the outrageous exploits is made Alliance or the Horde, it is time that the players of World of Warcraft a place in the pantheon of the great heroes of Azeroth take.


    Which in 2014 introduced the Warlords of Draenor player characters adventurous military commanders, the Legion made them legends, has faced wielding weapons of unimaginable power against the greatest threat to the world of fantasy. Video gamey than ever, off the planet Azeroth demonic hordes that affected hundreds of years in the past and are responsible for almost all the evil that has never taken place, the Lich King or involved evil spirits in the end is more traditional revenue in a plot to destroy all life on the planet.


    Azeroth with antiques salvation is in an ideal location in the subcontinent before invasion of the World Of Warcraft Expansion Legion EU CD Key ignota starts from. To retrieve these objects, which must deliver the legendary weapons to help broken desert islands dressage players. This fantastic arms in the center of the legion.



    They are the expansion of the advancing means of the core. even the players level 100-110, in the traditional way, but since most of the expansion pack content is scaled to the same challenge remains independent of the level of the player, make these numbers mean not so much. No new skills are unlocked by leveling, and players could not win a new point at 110. Instead of talent, earning points for artifacts in their weapons to invest, develop characteristics in a similar way to a twisted version of World of Warcraft character follows the system more talent.



    Weapons of artifacts also serve as the centerpiece of the classrooms of the order, special ranges in the expansion focused on a character class. Druids get a retreat in the woods. Warlocks get a demonic transplanar base. warriors buttons are added to Valhalla. Hunter received a mountain hunting lodge. Rogues get a dirty basement. This order of the rooms are based on the characters, while the content of the Legion. It is the place where they are applied once again the strength of its weapons of artifacts.



    It is the place to send their followers NPC missions recovery time. For resources can be used to recruit new troops or building improvements. Each workspace has a quest line especially for your character class, the reason to give players plenty of play through the new content in each playing. More importantly, from the point of view of a fan Lore, at least, the control room, where the player is connected to the ranks of the members of the most important non-player characters in their respective classes.



    Rogue room to share a table with Halforcen Garonne, the murderer, King Llane Wrynn Stormwind had. On the other table is Valeera Sanguinar blood elf famous thief who was a companion of King Varian Wrynn with room for Broll Bear Druid Order as companion NPCs. For players, even vaguely familiar with World of Warcraft Lore, it is a real pleasure, the Quebradas Islands with some of the most famous people to go in the game.



    They ensure buy in the rooms. Players join in the work. Now they are equal. Now some are more equal than others. Among Halle control campaigns and the basic story, the player with the expansion of the four initial areas (in any order) and also it helps the Legion is full of intense moments of the plot, just the actual weight. I even found a break once or twice, as iconic creatures had admired for years found its end. The stakes are high, and Blizzard is not shy to show more.



    This could be the first time reached the final of the World of Warcraft expansion content and was curious to see what happens next. While I really like, there are some aspects of enlargement, which leave me cold. This order facilities rely heavily timer rewards players think they harvest too early. To end a search druid had to send the mission eight hours my disciples, one at a time. When I think of enough resources, my project to promote the order will have 12 days to complete. If you are not a fan of waiting things happen in Warlords of Draenor, you'll even less of a fan of shit how long increases occur in the legion.



    Fortunately, there are many things to do, when the new 110-limit applies to a player of SCDKey.com to take your mind off of these timers. Use the upper end of an extension is to beat separating Casuals hardcore players, but legion facilitate the players in the content of the final game. Upon reaching the overwhelming wave out new content appears. World missions, a daily rotation of the things that can be done in the Quebradas Islands, gently challenging players Heroic dungeon gear.



    The mythical heroic harder lead, then more mythical force + Dungeons. The only obstacle to the transition to larger Dungeons and best players are the freshest players emerge from their group as tips on how to be a better player. Players are safe Warlocks giant ass. I warlocks? Specifically the strange. Apart from speed and doing things, areas Suramar missions start at 110 to give players the opportunity, a whole race of elves addicts back to help some of their dignity.



    Every day there to give them some mana enough to stop shaking missions give them time. It's a bit depressing, actually. I regularly since its launch plays Legion. You could say that it would be necessary to regulate as a check and more. That would be my wife, who saw me before investing too much time in an MMO. But it's different here. I'm sure I'll stop when I have one of each character to stop and distribute 110 Corgis.


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