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  • New Total War Warhammer DLC Provides Lords Legendary
    Time: Sep. 21, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Sega has released a new trailer for Total War Warhammer Steam CD Key new content out added in the Grim and The Grave DLC gift package. Among the additions are Volkmar the Grim and Helman Ghorst two 'legendary masters ", the struggle for light and shadow. There are also two new types Herr, join the Strigoi Ghoul King Vampire Warrior Priest members and Arch Lector kingdom.

    "Both rich plans and vampires expanded unit each with two new units," Sega said other details new additions. "Knights of the Blazing Sun are flagellants hunger and free society versatile militia in the ranks of the empire, while the vampire has its hordes steeped in black magic carts and volatile Mortis creepy undead corpses truth.

    "The alignment of the two factions are also wider by adding types of units of soldiers Renown with unique properties and special abilities, whose skills were immortalized in the annals of the Old World in the fight." An update will bring the Scythians & the Grave "a series of new cards unique and Vlad as a legendary battle Carstein free Lord for all players." The Scythians insertion and the tomb is from September 1. You may be available for a trailer for the DLC observe or take a look below for a breakdown of the contents, as shown on the steam side.

    ·The Scythians and the tomb is the package of the first men to Total War: Warhammer. Strengthening the powers of both the Empire and the Lord Vampire rivaling the famous characters and brings new flagship units Warhammer World to their campaigns and struggles.

    ·Two new legendary gentlemen ...

    ·New series of quests, magic items and skill trees.

    ·Two new additional types of M.

    ·Five new units and battlefield variants.

    ·Five new battleground for custom battles and multiplayer battles.

    ·18 renowned elite soldiers.

    "When you're in the middle of a seat and coordinate an attack with a friend Total War: Warhammer approaches perfection," said SCDKey.com "You will be tested on all fronts and asked to manage complex battles with wide, full of nuances. the results. Each system is supplied and a piece in another, and your decisions make a difference. it is a triumph of design of real-time strategy and best Total War series never. "

    See additional information about the critical reception of Warhammer, this review of Roundup. Warhammer is the first of a trilogy, but Creative Assembly to support the plans for the first game with DLC in the coming months.

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