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  • Life Is Strange: The Balance Of Election
    Time: Sep. 15, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Map need to ensure close balance of some mechanics are not too strong a card or any other card to boost performance. Multiplayer shooter does not require weapons or instruments is too strong, that all classes are at the same power level approximately and that players must play an incentive each class. modern adventure games require a different type of compensation based on the player's decisions.

    Only a specific subgenre of adventure games, the number of decisions of something like The Walking Dead Telltale Games. These games are like choose your own adventure books as a video game. One reason why this guy is so compelling for players to make the tough decisions have to. Developers want the decisions are difficult; Important decisions should not feel trivial. To this end, it is important that decisions are as close as "value" possible for lack of a better word.

    One of the best examples of this development team eventually is always better game Life Is Strange Complete Season Steam CD KEY that ended his fifth episode last year. Without spoiling believe it is not one of the five episodes of important decisions to make your character, and at the end of each episode, you can see what percentage of the player base that has chosen each option. In the first episode, the options were biased.

    For example, you can find someone in the bathroom of his school to take almost another student, and you can choose, or not report it. If you choose not to report, you can essentially his. Most people say something like not everyone lives differently does not endanger the entire school. The vast majority of people voted for her report.

    It is possible that developers of statistical been taken into account in developing the next episode, or make decisions regarding the planned production more difficult as the game went. Either way, each subsequent decision later episodes felt he had more weight behind it. Every choice has been difficult and has had very real consequences, regardless of which option you selected. In other words, decisions were about equal in difficulty as the game continued.

    The brilliance of life is strange is that you can go back in time, so you can see the immediate consequences of their actions as well. However, you can go back only was running for about a minute in the past, so you should select an option, and finally commit. This kind of easy for you to go in the complex decision-making, like training wheels, which has some space in your choice.

    But eventually restart their powers and stop sporadically to weaken the work back, so you're stuck with a lot of decisions without your chance. Of course, these decisions are more commonly. Dontnod Entertainment, the developer of the strange life is doing a great job to ensure that decisions are not an obvious answer, like most decisions in real life. They are designed to draw two separate halves of the brain to the present, the decision is better than playing tug of war with the mind to decide.

    These decisions are developed "balanced"; play against each other, or the needs of each to the needs of many. DONTNOD dominated the very different balance of thinking about a problem so far. If you want to reproduce life is strange to himself, it is on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. The first episode is free of weeks. A second season has been confirmed by the developers, but no release date is still available.

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