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  • Nueva Rainbow Six Cerco Patch-marca de Down-Pulse und semi-automatique FUSILS
    Time: Sep. 1, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Siege Uplay CD Key cerco actualización nächste, Versión 4.1, noch kommt dans dieser Woche, haben und die Wir Volle Patch-Notes. 4.1 konzentriert sich auf hauptsächlich Fehlerkorrekturen und de equilibrio. Die Grossen beiden equilibrio Änderungen betreffen bestimmte Flinten pulso. Pulso Gadget preámbulo jetzt weniger Reichweite (neun mètre statt 13), und er kann nicht mehr Schnell-Swap von IHM Weg (Erhöhung der Verzögerung, bevor er von 0,4 bis 1,2 secondas Schießen kann). Diese Änderungen werden gemacht für den Buff kürzlich zu kompensieren er en bekam Patch einem.

    "The previous update we have on the heart rate sensor only did not make easier the pulse of use, but also made him stronger, since the frequency of updates heartbeat detection is higher" status notes patch. "Combined with the fact that it was possible to move very quickly from the heart rate sensor on the gun, which he also did -. Our game statistics and has very clear feedback from the community"

    The other major adjustment occurs semiautomatic shotguns, with the main objective is effective in reducing long term. Damage short-range and mid-range is reduced by about 25-30 percent, while the shots are fired across large distances about 10 percent more extended than before. SPAS-12 Valkyrie, Caveira the SPAS-15 Frost Super90 and M1014 (the castle, pulse and any use of thermite) affected.

    "We intend, semiautomatic shotguns doing incredible damage at close range, but significantly reduce its impact on the medium to long range," say the patch notes. "Original Attenuation The damage caused by the initial damage is noticeable. For longer distances, the accuracy of the shots will be difficult to predict accurately, because players have less less and less the more your goal is control".

    SCDKey.com explain what these changes mean, Ubisoft released the following table to explain how each of the affected canons treated (and Saiga 12K, which is unchanged). It is accompanied by a note pad damage is in each firing eight pills. After a good set of quality of life changes in the last patch, this update adds another, making the red X that a dead player appears in the foreground of HUD. The remaining patches addresses bug fixes, and slower to deal with the speed of movement provided for operators with shields, an Xbox Fixed crash when only a game Hostage Rescue finishing and more.

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