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  • World of Warcraft: Legion Begins Tonight and Screwed Azeroth
    Time: Aug. 30, 2016 From: SCDKey
    With the European launch of World of Warcraft sixth position a little over an hour, and North America after six hours later Azeroth is not in good shape. The heroes are dead, the leadership is failing, and our only hope of salvation lies in a number of artifacts, no one has seen for thousands of years. It's good. First, the bits not spoilery. The expansion pack massive shift of many kinds of World Of Warcraft Expansion Legion EU CD-Key brings weapons of artifacts that grow with their owners, clubs class took the hero of the Demon Hunter class, (not what they call it) and broken Islands, where levels of 101 players to win 110, is open for business.

    The essence of the story here is the Legion has returned, opened the way for orc warlock Gul'dan presented following the events of the previous expansion, we'll see what happens when the screws with time Uh-Oh We're screwed. Azeroth can be found at the edge of a still higher than the War of the Ancients invasion, which for those of you uninitiated, it was very large. Now for the spoiler. Do not read if you do not have at least participated in World of Warcraft big events prior to the legion, or just give a damn.

    Pre-Legion celebrations began from a specific event, Alliance and Horde Storm saw the Quebradas Islands, in search of the whole thing demon invasion to drown. Not going well. In fact, it was very, very bad. First Tirion, the greatest heroes of Azeroth, is brutally killed by a massive demon, while the combined forces of the Horde and Alliance can only watch in horror. Then the main attack, which looks like one side of the Alliance begins.

    Almost all the shows always devil take both the Alliance and the Horde. Horde forces led by Sylvanas and Vol'jin Warchief, the queen of the undead back to the attack on the alliance. Or if, in Vol'jin is mortally wounded. Sylvanas ordered to retire, which Allianz remains high and dry them completely irrational specific audience with bad hair (Jaina) accepts as a betrayal.

    Fleeing NATO forces, led by King Varian Wrynn Stormwind and King Greymane of Gilneas ordered a retreat. Varian, one of the best characters in World of Warcraft Lore, is to buy a little time back completely murdered by Gul'dan. Now SCDKey.com has to Sylvanas Horde Warchief, at least until they die (again) and will be replaced, as the Horde like candy through the warlords. Stormwind is now King Varian son Anduin, the same crybaby we hunted around Pandaria excluded two extensions.

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