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  • Latest Star Wars: Battlefront Pack Extension For Rogue One
    Time: Jul. 17, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Star Wars Battlefront Origin CD Key caused a sensation by rebuilding, characters and moments of the original trilogy, but the last piece of DLC will focus on a new movie: A Rogue. Design Director Niklas Fegraeus announced the news at a table game in the Star Wars Celebration Expo in London, among others speak for titles that publish EA with Lucasfilm designers.

    It has been known for some time against four downloadable content packs have the first two focuses on the outer edge would be - think Jabba the Hutt's Palace - Cloud City and The Empire Strikes Back. The third reason for the third quarter of this year is around the Death Star to center, and allows players to assume the role of both raw reptile hunter Bossk and Chewbacca.

    The contents of the last tranche had been something of a mystery, but his departure on holiday makes sense, since a tie Rogue One. In it, players can visit the planet Beachy Scarif and sizzling on the coil are released yesterday . Unless the hero characters that players can assume the two main roles: Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) or Krennic director Ben Mendelsohn.

    During the Director Amy Hennig Uncharted panel also spoke briefly about the untitled project, he worked with the studio Visceral Games Dead Space. Hennig and his team worked closely with the history of Lucasfilm group of the film remains true in the world, with artist Doug Chiang (force awakens, Attack of the Clones), which provide facto art director for the project. The creative process, Hennig said it was very similar to what occupied while working on Uncharted: Return to the original Star Wars movies were to deconstruct how they worked in terms of tone, plot and story turns, and used to design a frame around the part. "The ultimate goal of a game like this, when the player has finished playing the game, they feel like they really played a movie Star Wars," he said.

    Other details are kept tightly under wraps, but judging by the discussion and seem Photos some things clearly indicated. a kind of action game it is, and evaluation design seems seems clear Stormtroopers have kept some time before the Rebel Alliance Empire under the control of the galaxy erupted. SCDKey.com thinks that It's also important to do as a Star Wars movie feels Hennig said, was whether an ensemble piece - a departure from Uncharted games Nathan Drake-centric. Visceral probably go silent after the holidays, he said, but hoped that the material out of the game to show - before publication in 2018 - next year.

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