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  • How Magnetic: Cage Closed Offers A New In The Genre Of Puzzle Weapon
    Time: Jul. 11, 2016 From: SCDKey
    If you are a fan gun games puzzler, one category occupied by the gems as the series of Portal and input, it is likely to have these done quite extraordinary things called "scientific Magnetic: Cage Closed, the front has recently he announced the title of guru Swedish indie games studio has a weapon that seems rudimentary compared: it's just a super-strong magnets attract or repel some objects or to solve puzzles filled rooms.

    Magnetic Cage Closed Steam CD Key characteristics of the cage is the way it treats the basic phenomena and interprets them in the mechanics of intelligent game. During a practice session in South PAX, I got to handle first hand with these forces, roll the dice - and I - all kinds of rooms filled with puzzles death trap.

    You can use the reluctant participation puzzle based game cube, look at the popularity of geometry puzzle game developer 3D. But magnetic, are not the objects that are the stars: the magnetism attracted flying objects tool not only your puzzle - not looks like a tractor beam feels, and does not feel like Half Life 2 gravity. Firearm. The objects in the direction in which they move realistically, and if these objects are large enough to move your character in the series.

    The latter imagination takes some getting used to. There are magnetic metal platforms that can withstand and repel, while jumping, throwing your character in the air - even higher if there is a ceiling panel, you can turn to. His weapon has two power settings, it is necessary to avoid accidental disasters management. Draw a cube that is too large and moves. Potentially a platform. chlorine gas in a well-threatening.

    The realization of gravitational forces can lead to fascinating enigmas of nonlinear resolution. magnetic disks around some English thrown in his general vicinity objects, so pull a miracle corner kicks or superhuman jumps. Like all the best games of this genre, solutions feel sometimes involuntarily, SCDKey.com feel smarter than the game itself, at least until the next puzzle piece that counteracts completely.

    Games Guru hope constantly keep players guessing. Even those who have already hit the world of magnetic game: Cage was inspired by closed - appropriately enough - the horror franchise of The Cube, where poor saps a change, navigate deadly maze. Magnetic, they will be forced to specific points in time to make decisions, and its decisions are the order and composition of changing to resolve spaces. It is interesting to try one of the weaknesses of such puzzle fixing: If you beat a puzzle game, you already know all the answers.

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