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  • Blizzard Controversial Change Overwatch Death Mode
    Time: Jul. 8, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Overwatch competition mode has proved controversial, to say the least. One thing almost everyone agrees, however, that the way sudden death playoff needs serious revision. The good news: there will always be one! The bad news: In the near future will be low tinkering. Blizzard is Pharah must not forget that next season Ulting.

    Sudden death occurs join teams in competitive mode. A draw decides who plays the attack and play defense. Attackers attempt to capture a single point, and defenders try to stop them. The winner takes all game. Some people believe that the system is unfair, as attack and defense are fundamentally different positions and some cards give a slight advantage to one side or the other side.

    In a recent Overwatch Origins Edition Battle.net CD Key patch when the sudden death of the blizzard in all but a map, twisted Hollywood. Otherwise, it is 1 min 45 sec or 1 minute and 30 seconds or 1 minute and 35 seconds Numbani shortened everywhere except where it has actually increased to 1 minute and 50 seconds. So no baby, basically.

    Many people with central problems of the sudden death of attack/defense is decided with a draw and can fight hard all fits more or less has been the subject of controversy here is not discussed, but that's not the point. For this season, Blizzard seems determined to make the best of a bad system. It matters little. The next season, however, sudden death is thus dies suddenly. In an interview with PC Gamer, Scott Mercer Blizzard explains what will take its place.

    "With the way the current competition really not us players of the mechanics of the sudden death also in place," Mercer said. "The idea was that the tie when I was a little random, would be offset, it would be the possibility that the attacker or defender to win very close." "But it was not close enough and in some cases was not close. we went back, we decided, also for the second season will be eliminated, and sudden death left room for the concept of relationships. "

    So yes, instead of a resolution to force relationships, Blizzard just happened. SCDKey.com do not explain how this is your stats and impact the ability rating, but it feels like it is a better idea of ​​sudden death is, as it exists today. It corresponds to the clock "win-win" Overwatch as it will provide a result, when, you know, everybody wins. Or at least, they could, depending on how Blizzard decides to distribute rewards.

    In other words, it could be boring/unsatisfactory to see if people are still feeling too often. It will be a difficult balancing act, of course.

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