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  • News GTA 5 - Some Details About Fashion Online Updates
    Time: Jun. 22, 2016 From: SCDKey
    According to reports, the next update to the online version of GTA 5 includes three new maps and a new playable character. The online mode of the game is also a new DLC receive "Cunning Stunts" This was called. Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Steam CD Key is one of the best sellers of all time to break the world $ 1 billion in its third day of release back in 2013 games.

    As one of the most anticipated video games in the E3 2016 was in Los Angeles, the game's publisher has a number of changes in the open world role in the online version regarding come in a DLC including this summer. As reported by iTech Post, online version of GTA 5, a number of new publishing updates as three new cards will get along with other features in the game.

    In addition, a new playable character will also be added in the game, the online mode. Previously design studio Rockstar has released any details of this so-called "playable character" which is soon expected to reach the next update of the online version of the video game-themed crime is being deployed. The extended card team, which will be presented in the next update of GTA 5 online, includes the following positions: Course IV (house lost in grapeseed) Place V (Little Seoul) and Place VI (Harmony site Square construction), Yibada reported, the report also mentions that players have the cards can instantly bookmark.

    Meanwhile, another GTA 5 DLC on the way to a report from Express. After GTA 5 new DLC, entitled "New Adventures in Finance and serious crime", a new extension will come this summer known as the online version of the game "Cunning Stunts". The last DLC to come will have already found a striking series of souped versions in the game of many vehicles available contains a name Bravado Banshee 900R, cheetah, Pegassi Osiris, Truffade Adder, bland basement a few cars.

    Also "Cunning Stunts" players offer improved creative tools version of the game. With the tools of GTA 5 Creators, players create their own tracks and customizable missions, Inquisitr reports. In addition, an "Academy trick" offer options such as loops and ramps tracks individual careers within the DLC, players tools so they can practice some tricks crazy cars.

    As with GTA 6, beat the recent rumors that the game outside the United States moved mainly in London. In addition, the following will supposedly the largest map of the Grand Theft Auto series. If the rumors are confirmed by SCDKey.com, the next iteration, the game also has a franchise step includes the first female character in the history of the series. These historic steps of the series can take a long time, the game continued with the launch of an exit window 2018 (or 2020 at the latest) to develop.

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