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  • SCDKey.com: Overwatch is The Best FPS
    Time: Jun. 8, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Blizzard for World of Warcraft and its suite known strategy games real time. You win in Magic: The Gathering with hearthstone and have a lot of MOBA world caught up with the heroes of the storm. While these are all titles seem to belong to the same universe as the clock Blizzard is the first commitment of the company in the first-person shooter. Get rid of him? Yes. Yes, they do as SCDKey.com think. With aplomb. Overwatch is absolutely fantastic.

    Like most Blizzard games, see a bright, clean style that would not be out of place in a Pixar film or Disney. It is a style that is decidedly hers, and while one of the characters in Heroes of storm made, it is clear that Blizzard will be no problem to match the combination of these characters and their games.

    Make general cultural stereotypes hero (Russian girls / Egypt / Perky Butt) collected, but they are a welcome addition to the character of Blizzard. The levels themselves are lovely. The textures are smooth and beautiful, and although they are not worrying, are certainly a sign in its own right. dense areas start with small Easter eggs and beautiful to destroy or random things. Every inch of this game is fun.

    Battleborn had not only released weeks before the sergeant, I would say it is a complete breath of fresh air. Yes, we played heroes in the battle of all Team Fortress 2, but MOBA style heroes who are well balanced and require real skill and cling to pick up and play, it must be difficult to get pleasure. This is done perfectly (although unlike Battleborn, Overwatch APN has favorites like a real MOBA). Overwatch Origins Edition Battle.net CD Key offers the best sense of "we are a team, in the same" as Left 4 Dead or TF2.

    If you are in solo adventure game, depending on the hero you choose, Blizzard offers a shooting game experience perfectly well (with 76 soldiers, for example) and it feels as good as any out there. Wacht is also able to provide a lot of fun with a cast that shows the melee, use a bow hard character, but satisfying and arrow, a gun freezing, the enemy is frozen slowly and builds walls of ice (my favorite), and a plurality heiler with a variety of mechanisms. It's like nothing you've played in a way that has never played.

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