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  • Company Of Heroes 2 - Rangers Battle Guide
    Time: May. 13, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Rangers must upgrade the skills of two left and one is to expand the field of view, one is to avoid attacks. Otherwise HP is low, sappers assault met West Germany would be very difficult to deal with. Bazookas also very good skills, but later upgraded to summon the required manpower will increase, so whether serious consideration. Replace the captured tank killer and grenades also a good choice, operational efficiency is high, but the initial stage will be very difficult. After two to reduce the cost of the upgrade is still very important, the Rangers full-liter all the skills, summon once probably 440+ manpower.

    Rangers Features:

    1. Grenades and smoke bombs prices are very cheap. Basically can not consider the cost, in the case of intensive enemy Company Of Heroes 2 Platinum Edition Steam CD Key is still very common, in which case you will find Rangers This feature is very useful. And because the Rangers field of vision can often be found very early ambush enemies, sneak throw grenades against the enemy.

    2. Smoke bombs can deal effectively with machine guns, especially machine guns hiding in the house. But this need to operate, because in general a grenade basically can not completely destroyed, it is possible to simultaneously punching two teams.

    3. Run: is a very useful skill, and does not require the consumption of ammunition! Rangers are not good long-term war, do not, and the enemy long-range shooting. This is can be used to quickly run close to the enemy. In addition, this skill can also be used to accelerate progress in peacetime, for the time limit to complete the task.

    4. Explosive: free, equivalent to the power of the Soviet engineers explosives, but each team only three. Explosives greatly increasing the operational efficiency of the Rangers. Point victory in the level of which can be used while the Rangers stronghold occupied while buried explosives. After burying the accounting point you can go attack other victory points do not need to send defense. When the enemy tried to snatch my spot Fang Shengli directly detonated explosives to blow up the enemy of God. This trick was I tested.

    5. Bazooka: SCDKey.com think Rangers Anti-armor efficiency higher than almost anti-tank guns. Do not set up, see the hit, but there are two rocket launchers, power is considerable. Also not afraid of enemy tanks around. In contrast, the US anti-tank guns only advantage is long range, almost no other advantages: someone must guarding the flank, or very easy to be around. The single anti-tank guns meet mountain artillery, puma like basically no chance of returning alive. And the power of the weak, open armor-piercing ammunition and consumption.

    6. After the Rangers upgrade automatically restore HP. Moreover, the Rangers because of the high operational efficiency, so the upgrade fairly quickly. Therefore, the Rangers rely on the medical car lowest, as long as the dead people, so after a break battle, they can lay the battle, very Guards.

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