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  • Alan Wake 2 Could Already Announced
    Time: May. 12, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Although not everyone likes Quantum Pause, is to manage the game a great success for Microsoft and Remedy Entertainment has recently announced that for the title of folding time is now the new bestseller in IP Xbox One. As is often the case in this industry, people sitting in the remedy is not on their laurels and are working either Alan Wake 2 may or may not be in the next game Raw.

    The original Alan Wake Steam CD-Key came there almost 6 years, believe it or not, so I think it really is time to get a result. There is no official word from Remedy, not only, but it seems the company the idea of ??a time and is now considering, in fact, there are some things that indicate that Alan Wake 2 can be pre-production.

    The last word on the street is that Remedy has some developers working on a project, a secret that will not talk now. However, a quick glance at the chief designer Kyle Rowley LinkedIn page shows that he was now in a "unannounced title" for the past 9 months. More on Lead Narrative Mikko Rautalahti side, we can do something very similar, except that see Rautalahti has for 3 months on the project, work has only now. Unfortunately, we do not know if they are working in the same game or if Alan Wake 2, but there is a possibility that it is. All Rautalahti that is, in a position that "I can not speak still work on one thing. The letter and discover the stories of the cause."

    Some speculate that the two could work in a mobile game, rather than something more like Alan Wake 2 or even break Quantum 2, but it seems to me that this is a project that requires a writer known as Rautalahti "are the SCDKey.com say ". frankly, mobile games are not known for their fascinating stories, so I doubt Remedio a talented writer to work to assign to something.

    It is also worth mentioning that in the original Rautalahti of Alan Wake has worked as a writer and has done "dialog design history. Almost everything that was going on between Walkie things turning to run, jump and so on" SCDKey.com do not know, but when I was working in the law to Remedy entertainment such, it would be one of my best candidates, the story of Alan Wake 2 to write.

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