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  • Waterloo Guide of Napoleon Total War
    Time: May. 6, 2016 From: SCDKey
    Waterloo for players to buy the Napoleon Total War Collection Steam CD-Key is, it is a very difficult task. First of all, to correct a misconception: namely, as Napoleon was thought that that it is necessary to defeat the British army before the arrival of the Prussian army, and then to support the eradication of the British army. In fact, the Prussian army is not terrible, with a suitable complex formation can be more easily defeated them. British military commander the Duke of Wellington recalled the battle when Napoleon should have said let's wait for the arrival of the Prussian army, defeated them. The battle then how to fight it?

    1. There are three positions before the British troops by the British troops occupied the house. Leftmost tall, is hougoment this position of the house on the map, it is not occupied. Because once to seize the house, not only on the slopes of the British army will immediately support, just fighting a very long time, a large number of troops will be lost in the fighting. To know the battle in military ammunition is invaluable.

    2. The front of the house there is a leftmost woods, hidden inside a rifle and soldiers on the map is not initially displayed (armed with muskets, that era equivalent of snipers, their shooting accuracy is about twice the normal force, and that 80 rifles soldiers are three veterans) to deal with them will be very difficult, a team of 160 people skirmish may be only 130 people in close to their time, and each time they are accurate shot killing a large number of troops. To deal with them before, we must know their formidable.

    3. The rightmost house by the soldiers stationed rifle, and also hidden piece of depressions left 80 soldiers rifle. This 1970 movie Waterloo would be very similar.

    4. The right-most boundary map has a very narrow path, the Prussian army would come from there to attack the French right wing.

    5. Map of the far left is a cliff, the army can not go up, but SCDKey.com can provide good concealment, the army on the cliff, not only the absolute cannon boom is less than you, even the house of the army stationed bullet not hit you.

    6. Map of the Prussian army actually hiding in the right border of rest. If you send more than two teams of infantry or cavalry piece to the right of the road to walk, they will be ahead of schedule. If you have been not to harass the place, they will probably last about three-fifths of the time in the battle dispatched from that path. To save time and battle to destroy them as soon as possible, then it must send the cavalry to get them out.

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