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  • Xcom Enemy Within Review - Aesthetically Pleasing Game
    Time: May. 5, 2016 From: SCDKey
    The game today to introduce, is a transplant from a PC game, and this is made in the form of expanded content on stage. Games from other platforms are generally produced very fine opening CG habit, SCDKey.com is very fond of these CG Some do as much good CG movie, the story of the player's experience is also very helpful, and this made the CG is sophisticated and elegant, filled with a future sci-fi style, the game content is matched.

    Game CG, is about the mysterious creature from outer space to Earth, he dropped a large number of aircraft. The story background is in the United States, the government immediately establish special operations department, and the players play the supreme commander of the sector, aliens response to the global crisis. The content of the game to load a large number of transitions as well as CG animation, before loading a new screen or start a fight will play CG, giving a cinematic gaming experience, good players to strengthen the sense of substitution.

    Fighting game is turn-based strategy game, although the turn and the operation is not intense, but well-designed to make the game very interesting battle. Fighting game more difficult, the players need to be careful arrangement of his combat team, with different players have different skills and equipment, try to destroy the aliens in the case of damage to a minimum, and bunkers will give players on Maps bunker, it would also hinder their marksmanship accuracy, how many obstacles and the angle between the players and the goal will affect shooting accuracy on both sides!

    The game can not only fight in the science and technology base of black players have, players only need to constantly collect alien corpses and technology to carry out scientific research, the development of new science and technology building and weapons, but also need to the world other countries launch satellites to monitor aliens. When aliens appear on earth any one country, if not the players to solve, then this country will fall into a panic. When a state of panic over 8, GAME OVER!

    Players who buy the Xcom Enemy Within DLC Steam CD-Key will find, after entering the game is you have soldiers, they also need training. After every mission, the soldiers will get experience, players can choose different directions to strengthen the skills of soldiers. Soldier's equipment, players need to continue the development of alien technology to be developed in the latter part of the game can appear even laser guns.

    It is worth mentioning that, after the soldier was wounded in the line of duty, if the task is completed, it must remain in the base infirmary for a while, if the soldiers died on the battlefield, he could not revive it. Overall, the game either CG or game content are excellent. Gameplay content is very plump, full of fun and has some difficulties, no doubt is a very good game!

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